Friday, January 25, 2013

January Newsletter now available

Our 2Base & My2Base January Newsletter is now available.
Take a look at it here: January Newsletter

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Helsinki Travel Fair 2013

 Nordic Travel Fair 2013 has been held again. This year there were more than 76 000 visitors.
The day before the opening we were organizing the stand in order. Watching the expedition hall a little skeptical, wondering if everything is ready for the opening morning  but of course it worked.

The days of the exhibition our stand was visited by a lot of familiar customers. There were also clients with whom we did not yet met; very pleasant surprises when the names familiar from e-mails or phone got faces.

There were many people  who wanted to know more about either purchasing or renting housing. Some also asked general information about Turkey, in particular in Alanya housing.

I wonder if due to the location of our department (in the corner of corridors) , but many times we were asked to advise the fair guests, who are looking for some specific department. Fortunately we had a map of the exhibition area, from which then together we tried to find the right address!

All in all, the event was very interesting and we want to thank all fair guests. Hope to see you again at forthcoming exhibitions!

This blog-post is written by 2Base Estate Agency & My2Base Holiday Homes
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Monday, January 21, 2013

New map feature - find nearest...

We are currently implementing a new map feature on both and

The map will give you an easy overview of what to find in your surroundings as well as nearest supermarked, taxistand, bus stop or pharmacy.

The map function can be tested here: Alanya Park Residence

By clicking the tab "MAP" the map is displayed and by clicking the tab "DISTANCES" the distance to nearest pharmacy, supermarked or beach will be shown as well as distances to city centeres and sights.

The last bits and pieces are still being added and final adjustments are being done. We expect the map to be fully functional end of January.

It will also be possible to use the map in a large full screen version.

Please note that you via the box to the right can choose which categories you want to be displayed on the map.

Also the list of locations currently shown in the map is being updated automatically while you surf the map, and are displayed also to the right.

As we said: Last bits and pieces are still being added and there are more locations to come. Should you know of any interesting location that we should add, then please let us know.

So who will benefit from this map?
For those of you who are already familiar with Turkey, this might be a way to explore and find new areas and sights.

For you who are considering either buying or letting an apartment, the map will be a valuable assistant in the hunt for the exact right apartment. 

In this way also customers that are either selling or letting out their apartment through 2Base & My2Base will benefit from the map.

The new map feature is this years first new feature from us - and more is on its way....

This blog-post is written by 2Base Estate Agency & My2Base Holiday Homes
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Checklist for year 2013

A new year has just begun and for those of you who are already property owners in Turkey it is time to make sure everything is as it should be. 

We made a little checklist which hopefully will prevent unpleasant surprises during the year.

Insurance: Check out when your home insurance on the apartment expires, so that you remember to renew it.

Contribution to owners’ association: Check out when that is due. It is very hard to make to an owners association work, when people do not pay their contribution. In the long run it will show on the quality of the building.

Supervision: If you want automatic bill payment on insurance, taxes, etc. you must check that you are signed up for Supervision Service at your realtor or property manager. For instants did you remember to pay your Turkish property taxes? 

Rental: If you rent out your property please reserve the weeks where you want to use the apartment for yourself as early as possible. Otherwise you risk others have booked the placed in the period where you had intended for yourself.

Residential Equipment: Do you need something for your apartment?
January is a good time to shop since all the shops are full of good bargains. You can easily benefit from buying smaller things like interior decorations, kitchen stuff and other cookware in our own country and then bring it for your next visit.

Joints: It can not be said often enough. Check your joints around the windows and doors so you are sure they are ready for a rainy winter. We've already had a lot of rain, and the start of the new year will be rainy as well.

Ferdi Iskan: Has your property got the required moving in permit, Ferdi Iskan?

Water and electricity meters: Remember to register electricity and water meters in your own name.

Did we forget anything? If so do not hesitate to send us a comment with your suggestions for what is worth checking up on ....

Should you have any questions related to your own property, please contact us at

This blog-post is written by 2Base Estate Agency & My2Base Holiday Homes
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Friday, January 18, 2013

2Base goes even more local

Some 10 years ago when foreigners started buying properties in Turkey only off-plan units from the local constructors were sold.

Today there are still being sold a lot of off-plan units from the constructing companies, but in the same time the number of resale apartments being sold have increased significantly. Meaning apartments that are sold from one private person to another and often from one foreigner to another foreigner.

As one of very few estate agents 2Base saw this trend and developed a system for 1) including these apartments in our portfolion and 2) of course to get them sold.

The units are sold partly to own customers, partly via our network of local estate agents.

Lets just say this: It has been a success, and the local estate agents in Alanya have gotten to learn that at 2Base you will always find good offers.
So when these agents have a client but not the right property, they turn to us...

Our systems and set-up is based on this scenario, and when a property is included into our portfolio it is automatically being marketed in our local network.
In the same time are you as a customer secured by the fact that you are only dealing with us, and you can be assured that the deal and the conditions are conducted correctly and professional even the selling estate agent is the "local one from the corner".

This we want to do even better, and we have just hired a new staff who will just take care of the local market and local estate agents.
His name is Vedat and he has several years of experience from the estate market. Vedat has succesfully carried out several minor freelance jobs for us and will now be a fulltime member of our team.
This brings our number of fulltime sales staff to four.

Also the first deals of 2013 are already signed, and we look forward adding to the number...

This blog-post is written by 2Base Estate Agency & My2Base Holiday Homes
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