Monday, August 25, 2014

The most tempting offers for today

There is a large variety of appartments and villas for sale in Alanya. Since it is not easy to pick the best ones among them, we want to introduce you some of the most temptating offers.

The first ones offer space for also bigger families and they would also be a good alternative if e.g. several families would like to share the ownership. The third one is an appartment with 2 bedrooms quite in the city center.

Help to spread the word

Your appartment does not sell itself - this we have also previously written a post about that was called "Just getting your property listed will not get it sold".

Something definitely not to be underestimated is "social marketing". Here you as a seller are able to do a lot yourself ...

The traditional:
- Tell friends, family, co-workers and colleagues from the football club, that you have put your property for sale. Ask them to share this on to their friends and family.