Monday, August 8, 2022

Understand your Turkish title deed

 In Turkey, the title deed of a property is called "tapu senedi" or simply "tapu."


When purchasing a property, this is the most important document since it proves the ownership of the property.


We also want to point out very clearly that the printed version of the deed does not hold any other value than the paper it has been published on.

So the printed version of the title deed is more considered a diploma.


Even if someone you do not trust gets hold of the printed version of your title deed, you don't have to worry.


Recently the layout of the printed title deed has changed, and in this blog post, we will talk about these changes.


First of all, a QR code has been introduced. By scanning it, you can access the location and features of the property on a map.


Also, biometric photographs are now used on title deeds.


Let's go over the five sections of the new deed to make everything easier to understand.


1: Plot information

In this section, the location information of the property, such as province, district, neighborhood, and land register numbers, is located on the title deed.


2: Photograph

The section where the biometric photo of the deed owner will be added


3: Property information

Information such as the type of the real estate, sharing of the common areas, land size, floor number and apartment number, and other reference numbers.


4: Owner Section

Here you have information about owners and their shares.

5: Registration information

In the final section, you will find the QR code, internal registration of the land registry office, stamps, signatures from the land registry office, and the official sales price.


Should you have any questions about the information on your title deed - old or new version - please do not hesitate to contact