Friday, April 25, 2014

Payment in Alanya City buses

So far in Alanya City buses it has been possible to pay either in cash (2 TL) or with a card (1,50 TL). This week it has been informed that after 1.6.2014 payments can only be done by card. The price of a card is 5 TL and it can be loaded with a sum the customer wishes. One trip costs 1,50 TL and several passengers can use one card; it is not for personal use only. The card can be purchased and loaded in places marked with kentkart-sign. The list of places is only seen in Alanya municipality's pages.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Questions, leading to successful purchase

2Base always aims for our customers` full satisfaction, and to ensure that they invest in the holiday home that is the best match for them. But what are the most important to consider when looking for the holiday home of your dreams? 

One of the most important is: Ask yourself and give an honest answer to some important questions before entering into a deal for buying property in Turkey:

Can I afford this? To invest in a holiday home for the last money or for money which you are just planning to get – not a good idea. If you are waiting for a deal which will let you earn money – first finish the deal and then get money. The deal can be terminated, postponed and you will get into an uncomfortable situation, connected with loss of money.

If you buying property with mortgage, count if it is not burdensomely for you. Consider annual costs for purchased property in Turkey such as annual owner association fee, property taxes, insurance, inspection service, etc. 

Luckily holiday home owners are pleased that taxes and fees for property in Turkey are low comparing to other European countries. 

What is the most important to me and my family?
Only you is the one who can tell what you really need. While viewing property units