Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Who celebrates christmas in Alanya?

The obvious answer to the question is "everyone that lives here does"...

For most people Christmas is more of an event than a religious thing meaning that it is  - but of course in its own way - celebrated by everyone even in a Muslim country like Turkey.

Also no shop in Turkey is blind to the commercial aspect of Christmas so currently all shopping is accompanied by Christmas decorations and jingle bells.

Some even claim that Santa actually comes from Turkey and not the North pole, Finland, Greenland or anywhere else.

With that said celebrating Christmas in Alanya is of course very different than celebrating it at home. The special Christmas mood that you find in your home country can not be replicated anywhere, no matter how hard you try.

People who choose to travel to Alanya during the holidays do so because they want to get away from all the Christmas activities at home, so they surely do not mind.

And all of us living permanently here in Alanya do not have same expectations to Christmas as we would normally have.
Instead we make Christmas our own way and try to mix some of the traditions we know from home with the opportunities that are available in Alanya.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alanyas new ring road is on its way

The last couple of years Turkey has started to invest heavily in new infrastructure. 
Most notably are the new tunnel and bridge across Bosphurus in Istanbul and the construction of a new mega airport that will replace the existing and already pretty big Atatürk Airport.

Also in Alanya there are some new projects underway and one of the most exiting - but not so much talked about - is the new ring road.

The current ring road is known as the 35 meter road, presumably because it is 35 m wide. This road starts at the entrance of Alanya at the Dinek/ Luna Park area and ends just before the Dim River in Tosmur.

The new road is known as the 50 m road and construction is on-going as you read this. Interestingly enough there is not much public information available about the road, but here is what we know so far.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Essential checklist before investing in a holiday home in Turkey

Investing in a holiday home in a Turkey is simultaneously both an terrifying and amazing experience.

Terrifying since you do not now local customs, rules and regulations and therefore are operating in unknown territory.

Amazing since you are about to purchase the holiday home of your dreams, a place where you and your family will spend many happy hours.

But before finalizing the deal and signing the contract there are several areas which are worth paying attention to.

Spending some time investigating before taking the final decision can save you both time, a lot of trouble and of course your hard earned money.

By this we do not mean finding yourself an respectable and licensed estate agent who speak your language and can offer you a secure financial deal.
This is of course still an absolute “must”.

But after finding your dream property and having received and reviewed the first initial information it is always a good idea to take a closer look at some key information.

Monday, September 5, 2016

What to expect from the remaining part of 2016

So far 2016 has been what we can best describe as an interesting year here in Turkey. 

Why it has been like this we will not get into here. Other medias are writing plenty about that, so no need to repeat.

Instead we will take a closer look on how we think the property market will develop for the remaining part of 2016.

It can of course not be much more than guessing, but with 13 years of experience we believe that we have earned the right to call it qualified guessing.

A very positive sign is that there are still several interested buyers in the market, and that properties are still being sold.

We do see that foreign buyers often have a longer and existing connection to the market.

This could be buyers that already own a holiday home in Turkey and now are looking to exchange to something bigger or better, or buyers that has been coming to Turkey for many years as holiday makers and now have decided to get a holiday home of their own.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Julio & Ricky, heavy traffic and properties at the river

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another update on what is happening in and around Alanya!

Do we even have to mention the sun, the blue sky and the cooling and crystal clear Mediterranean? Of course not, so we wont :-)

Julio & Ricky is heading for the Expo: This is not the first time we mention Expo Antalya but since new acts and activities are constantly added to the events calendar we feel like reminding everyone about the opportunities at the expo

Coming up are concerts with both Julio Iglesias and Ricky Martin. So head over to the event section of the Expo web site, take a closer look at what is available and get your tickets now.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Fresh Summer Update From Alanya

Once the calendar tells you that we are well into the month of July there is no denial anymore - it is summer in Alanya, temperature has already increased into the 30+ range and your air conditioning unit has become your new best friend.

Since our last blog update some pretty exciting things has happened. So lets get started and bring you the latest updates from in and around Alanya as well as updates from us here at 2Base Estate Agency.

Surprisingly, local team Alanyaspor managed to reach the play-off final where they clashed with Adanaspor in a very intense and hard fought final for promotion to the best Turkish football league, Süperlig

In the end a penalty shoot-out decided the outcome and Alanyaspor came out on top mainly because several Adanaspor players had problems even getting their penalty attempts on target. 
So get ready, next year giants Fenerbahce, Galatasarya and Besiktas will be playing Alanyaspor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We are back...

Last couple of month there hasn't been all that much activity here at our blog. 

But we are back now and will take a look at some of the exciting things that has been going on while we were napping.

- Expo in Antalya
- Alanya 2016, what will happen?
- Alanyaspor
- Life at 2Base

Are you ready? Very well, lets get started then...