Monday, November 18, 2013

New map showing plot locations is available

The authorities have started developing a new map where the local city plan is shown.

With this map you can now see the location of individual plots, schools, parks, roads and much more.

The map currently only covers areas belonging to Alanya Municipality, but it is expected that areas outside Alanya Municipality will be included soon.

The map is accesible to everyone via the addres:

So should you be so lucky to live in or around the city center, go ahead and try to find your own plot...

Friday, November 8, 2013

What's New?: This is.....

Recently some very exiting and price worthy units have been added to our portfolio. These units offers opportunities to both buyers looking for smaller and inexpensive units as well as those wanting larger and more luxurious holiday homes.

In the popular Elite 4 we know have a few units for sale. Elite 4 is extremely well situated in the heart of Cikcilli, a quite and peaceful area.
From the complex have have walking distance to literally everything.

Should you want a more remote location with easy access to some of the best beaches in the area we can recommend Kamma Penthouse in Avsallar. This apartment is situated app. 1 hours drive from the airport and also close to the golf courses in Belek. The unit is spacious and with a faboulous view.
The pool area is situated in a small garden, which makes it very cozy and friendly.

In Flower Garden II we have included a luxurious penthouse in our portfolio. Actually there is not much to say about this unit, it has to be seen. A good start could be to take a look at the pictures at our website....

In Elite Country Club we have found one of our new favorites. Simply because this is one of the nicest units we have seen in a long time. The apartment is cozy, has a great balcony and is modern furnished. The complex offers everything you could possibly ask for and the best beaches are just a short walk away.

In case you are on  a budget then take a look at Sultan III. Normally 2 bed rooms, large balconies, view and a complex with spa pool, sauna and gym are not reachable with a tight budget. But in Sultan III it is.
The complex is located app. 1500 meter from the sea, but if that is not an issue then you will get everything else for a lower price than you could ever dream of....

Finally we will end our tour of newly added properties with two units in the very heart of Alanya.
Do you need a lot of space then take a look at this penthouse, situated close to the market area just north of the city center.
Is two bed rooms enough then we would suggest this unit, just 5 min. walk from the Atatürk Statue and the main street.

Remember that you can follow all news about property in Turkey at our website...

We wish everyone a happy hunting for the dream property....

Minor change - major effect

A minor change in the Turkish lap legislation has just been completed and implemented in these days of practice on title deed offices throughout Turkey.

And although it's a minor change , it will have a major effect on the foreigners who plan to sell or buy property in Turkey.

The change means that, where foreigners former typically had to wait 2-4 months before they could be issued with title deeds , so will wait for the future now be as low as only 7-14 days.

It is therefore once again become even more attractive to trade property in Turkey :
 - Buyer can obtain legal ownership shortly after the conclusion of the trade
- Seller may have released the purchase price much faster
- As a broker , the whole process and trade procedures are completed within a few weeks , instead of the previous several months.

Similarly, the number of countries whose nationals are NOT able to acquire real estate in Turkey sharply curtailed .
Per today it is only citizens of Israel , Armenia and Syria who can not acquire real estate in Turkey.

Background: In Turkey , a property must have a military approval before it can be transferred to a foreigner. This authorization has been issued by the military authorities in the respective regions in Turkey , and this has typically taken between 2-4 months per property / housing .
In the future, this military authorization will be issued by the local authorities.
The only prerequisite is that the property / land register in which the residential / apartment is located , has already received a permit from the military authorities , and that this authorization has been issued after 2011.
Or to put it another way : In case on a plot of land has been issued a deed to a foreigner by the year 2011 , which of course has required that the property has received military approval , then this military approval " will be recycled " the future of the local title deed office. Thus there is no need to apply again from the military authorities .

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