Friday, October 13, 2023

A Spark is Enough to Start a Fire!

Hello everyone,
Today we will talk about a sensitive issue, forest fires.
With the increase in temperatures in the summer months the forest areas are very dry and often forest fires occur.
Since Alanya is one of the regions with the highest temperature in Turkey, we experience forest fires in the region every year.
Forest fires can be caused by many natural causes such as high temperature, lightning strikes and so on.
However, the most common causes of forest fires today are uncontrolled burning, smoking and agricultural work.
In other words, forest fires that are started by humans.
Fire Fighting Aircraft in Turkey
When forest fires need to be extinguished, ground interventions are often insufficient.
That is why firefighting airplanes and helicopters are very important for all countries.
Turkey has 2 unmanned aerial vehicles, 3 airplanes, 1 unmanned helicopter and 38 helicopters for aerial firefighting.
When a fire is reported, these helicopters and planes take off from their base and intervene in the areas where the fire is burning.
This is a very dangerous operation and is quite spectacularly to watch.
So our deepest respect goes out to all the pilots and crew involved in this kind of operation.
How to Report a Fire?
'112' is at the top of the emergency assistance numbers in Turkey. It is an emergency number created for 6 different institutions.
By calling this number, you can report police, ambulance, gendarmerie, fire brigade, coast guard and forest fires.
With the number '112' you can contact the emergency call center in English, Arabic, German and Russian and you can request Emergency Assistance with this number even if you are using a foreign phone number.
This beautiful nature belongs to all of us and we should all do our best to protect it.
We therefor urge everyone to be careful when visiting the forest areas during the dry periods.