Monday, July 23, 2018

A getaway to Alanya

Did you ever wonder how the perfect holiday week looks like? If so, then read more in this blog where we guide you through 7 lovely days in Alanya

- Day 1
Today you just arrived and even though the trip to Alanya is not that long, today is for relaxing.

You go for a short walk to the local vegetable shop and fill up the fridge with seasonal fruits. 
It is very cheap and you pull out your blender and make some fresh smoothies.

The rest of they day you spend on the balcony and at the pool

Do not forget sun lotion and to drink a lot of water.

In the evening you go to the nearest local restaurant. It is within walking distance and the waiters will surely recognize you from your last visit.

- Day 2
You get up early because the sun is strong these first couple of days. 
You hit the beach as one of the first and are awarded with a sun bed in first line to the sea. 
Until lunch you swim and enjoy the sun.

Around lunch time it gets too hot and you move into the shade at the beach bar. 
Here you can order a small lunch and a cold and refreshing Efes.

After lunch you walk back to your apartment. It is hot but luckily you can spend the rest of the afternoon in your cooled apartment. 
You find the time to finish your book and make a few Skype-calls to friends and family.

After sunset you get into a taxi and drive to the city center. Here you walk along the lively and busy Atatürk street. 

All the shops are still open and there is a lot going on. 

You end up at the harbor area and enjoy a perfect dinner at one of the many upscale restaurants.

- Day 3
You wake up late. After having breakfast on your balcony you go down to the pool for a couple of hours. 

After that you go shopping, since you will eat at home tonight. 

Luckily supermarkets in Turkey are not that different to supermarket at home, so you have no problem getting what you need.

- Day 4
The rental car is delivered to you exactly at 9 o clock as agreed. 
You drive up to the mountains behind Alanya and first stop is at one of the local restaurants serving Turkish breakfast. What a breakfast that is, no lunch is needed now...

After this you drive directing Gazipasa and take a swim at an unspoiled beach while the sun sets. 

Gazipasa has a cozy bazaar area with local fish restaurants. You order "levrek" and drink "salgam" with the locals.

- Day 5
Beaching all day - no chance in hell that you will return to work looking like a pale fish like your co-workers.

- Day 6
Your last day in Alanya. Time to go shopping and get something for friends, family and of course yourself.

In the bazaar you find an overwhelming amount of cheap copy products. 
At the main street it is more the real deal, just cheaper than at home.

You end up having to buy an additional suitcase, and keep your fingers crossed that this will not mean having overweight.

Finally the best purchase of the day is done at the local jewelry shop. 
Here you can really save some money, so your conscience is clean.

The shopping tour sees its end at one of the many cafes with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

You have not had time to think about dinner, so your order some kebab from the local restaurant and they deliver to your door step.

Before going to bed it is time to pack and go for at last swim in the pool.

- Day 7
Bye bye Alanya, or "güle güle" as your Turkish friends are saying. 

Despite all the shopping you have only minimal overweight and the staff at the check-in counter turns the blind eye to it. 

A week has passed and you could easily have spend seven more days. 
Luckily you know that you will soon be back again...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Micro-adventures in Alanya

Big is good but not always best and when it comes to adventures the smaller ones can often be just as good as something complicated.

So here is a list of some micro-adventures for everyone to try out in and around Alanya.

- Walk out the pier to Alanya Lighthouse

- Visit the game area of Alanyum

- Jump on the local bus and see where it takes you

- Ride the cable car up to the Castle area

- Piknik at the new park area north of Alanya

- Order and eat fresh fish at Yeni Hal and drink salgam.

- Try Turkish coffee

- Go inside Alanya Museum. We bet you have passed it several times, but have you actually entered?

- Buy a freshly cooked corn from one of the many street vendors.

- Try the bumber cars

- Try out a new beach 

- Try Turkish icecream

- Join the locals for lunch, go for "sulu yemek"

- Go out Turkish style at "Harem Bar".

- Rent a bike and ride along the beach. From Konakli there is 
safe passage all the way to Kargicak.

- Visit the local craftsmen area called Sanayi

and finally and most important...

- Use your imagination and take the opportunities that are handed to you. Always keep and open and positive mind.

Hopefully you will enjoy Alanya just as much as we do!