Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bodrum is worth a visit

No doubt that Alanya is number 1 :-)

The big questions is then who the runner ups are....

We would definitely recommend Bodrum for a top 3 position and in case you have not already been there, then surely it is time to go for a visit.

Bodrum actually consists of a peninsula on which you can find several bigger and smaller cities. 

Bodrum city itself is worth a visit, but for the accommodation most people prefer the more quite and peaceful areas.

We can recommend the area of Yalikavak and Gümüslük where you can get absolutely fantastic accommodation and views all the way to the Greek islands across the Aegean sea.

The Bodrum peninsula has always been known for attracting jet-setters and everyone else that wants a taste of luxury.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The more the merrier

For pretty obvious reasons it has always been popular to invest in a holiday home together with other members of the family or close friends. 

In that way costs are split between more people and the holiday home will not stay empty for longer periods. 

Also many families buying together enjoy actually visiting the apartment at the same. 
The space might be a bit tight but what is better than enjoying the sun and beach in the company of your best friends and family?

There are a few practical issues though to consider before teaming up with your best friends or parents and investing together.

- Always make sure that the official share of the apartment corresponds to the actual ownership. So in case you paid for 2/3 of the apartment and your friends family paid for 1/3, this must also be reflected on the title deed.