Thursday, September 13, 2012

Get on the bus...

At time it can be hard finding your way around the network of local busses in Alanya. Especially since each municipality has its own busses, and they all service not only their own municipality, but also other areas.
So the city buses from Mahmutlar are servicing the Alanya area and the busses from Tosmur also goes to Kestel and so on...

Generally speaking the busses operate from around 7 o'clock morning to around midnight.

But what are there exact routes? That is not so easy to know :-)
For the busses from Alanya municipality there is now a solution for this, since all the lines and routes can now be found at this map - click to see...

We havent been able to find same kind of maps from other municipalities. Lets hope that it will soon come..

In the meantime: Get and the bus and have a happy ride...

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