Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Fresh Summer Update From Alanya

Once the calendar tells you that we are well into the month of July there is no denial anymore - it is summer in Alanya, temperature has already increased into the 30+ range and your air conditioning unit has become your new best friend.

Since our last blog update some pretty exciting things has happened. So lets get started and bring you the latest updates from in and around Alanya as well as updates from us here at 2Base Estate Agency.

Surprisingly, local team Alanyaspor managed to reach the play-off final where they clashed with Adanaspor in a very intense and hard fought final for promotion to the best Turkish football league, Süperlig

In the end a penalty shoot-out decided the outcome and Alanyaspor came out on top mainly because several Adanaspor players had problems even getting their penalty attempts on target. 
So get ready, next year giants Fenerbahce, Galatasarya and Besiktas will be playing Alanyaspor.

For the last month or so it has been the holy month of "Ramadan", most notably known to Westerns for not allowing Muslims to eat or drink during day time

The month of Ramadan was followed by the "Eid Al-fitr" holidays which is now about to end. 
So soon everything will be back to normal, everyone will be a bit more smiling, traffic less aggressive and service level of businesses back to the usual level.
This year the holiday has been longer than usual, since the Turkish government decided to extend it a bit making it a total of nine days.

As a side note Alanya is every year visited by a lot of Turkish tourists during the holiday week following Ramadan. This is not always very popular with the locals of Alanya, since the Turkish tourists infamously are known for leaving as much mess behind in one week than foreign tourists manage the entire year...

Talking about heat and holiday many decide to head for the beach. We all know the world famous Cleopatra beach. But why not try some of the great alternatives?

For the beach explorer we have therefor made a small list of 3 beaches that you have probably not been to...
Go explore, we are sure you will love it.

Some month ago a friend of us was commissioned with the task of evaluating our web site. She basically came back and told us the following: Your information level is second to none. Your properties are great but you are not that good in showing it

Even this friend of ours is a professional consultant and therefor trained in picking on everything, this got us thinking. 
Because eventually what she said was correct. We maybe did focus too much on buyers guides and information and too little on the properties.

Together we then started a redesign process of key pages of our web site and lately the main part of changes have been implemented.

First and foremost we are in the process of taking new pictures of all of our units. There are quite many, actually there is a lot. 
So we still have some left, but within short time all of our units will get new pictures.

This has allowed us to implement a new picture viewer on the website, where all complex and property pictures can be displayed in full screen size. 
These pictures are all high quality and might load a bit slow, but it gives interested buyers a chance to see pictures of their preferred property in full size and full quality.

The full size pictures can be accessed by clicking the link named "Gallery" on the top right corner of the main picture viewer.

Also the front page of our web site has gotten a brand new look which emphasizes our selection of the best properties

So in case you are considering selling your property then let us know. 
As always we offer a free evaluation of your property and charge sales commission only when the property is sold. 

No other agent offers as strong a sales network as 2Base and no other agent is even close to presenting properties to potential buyers the same way as we do...

This was it for now

... we hope you enjoyed reading and want you to remember that we are always available in case you need us.

Send us an email, call us, chat with us or pop in to our office for a cup of hot and freshly brewed coffee...

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