Tuesday, February 25, 2014

See the face of your broker

It was not long ago that most of us went out to the mailbox when we wanted to see if we received mail.
And when we had to make a phone call , we sat down to the phone.
Likewise, an international call was rare and expensive .

Today Skype , Email , smartphones and Internet changed everything , and it is now possible to dial an English number when you have to talk to your broker in Turkey.

Similarly, for very little money you can make ​​great looking websites and introduce yourself and your company in a professional and welcoming manner.
It is therefore important to be aware of the following when choosing your future real estate in Turkey.

Is there a real company or just individuals ?
How many employees does the broker hire?
In case you choose a broker with just a few employees, you as a customer in a vulnerable position.

In Turkey a lot of brokers consists of one foreigner and one local person.
This is an unsafe choice for you as a customer.

Therefore we recommend that you choose a broker, where everything does not depend on a few individuals, but your safety is a strong organization .

The broker has a beautiful and appealing website. But .... Choose a broker who not only hides behind a well designed and informative website , but which also puts a personal face on , tells you what the company stands for and leaves a personal impression .

Are there any "real" pictures of the staff , or does the site just leave an anonymous impression?

Call and talk to the broker
Take a personal interview with the broker and ask questions like:
- How many people made ​​up the organization ?
- How long has the company been around ?
- Who is subsequent to service your residence?
- Ask the broker to send their buying guide so that you can read about how they handle a house purchase .

At 2Base Estate , we would like to let you know who we are .....

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