Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Best places for having your coffee in Alanya

Even that Turkey is a real "tea-drinkers" country also a lot of coffee is consumed. 

Especially the younger generations has accepted coffee, and cafe-visits with friends are getting increasingly popular.

This is no different in Alanya where several of the bigger European coffee chains has established themselves side by side with the local coffee shops.

We therefor want to provide you with this mini-guide to the best places for having your coffee in Alanya.

Starbucks at the Atatürk statue on the main street
We of course have to start with Starbucks, who has several coffee shops in Alanya. 
The very first opened is situated close to the Atatürk statue on the main street, in an area where several coffee shops and cafes are found side by side.
Besides the usual selection in freshly brewed coffee drinks also cakes and sandwiches are served - just as we know it from other Starbucks Coffee shops around the word.
May we recommend the simple, black and always freshly brewed filter coffee...

Robert's Coffee at Damlatas/ Cleopatra beach
With beautiful and nice decor this is one of the absolute top cafes in Alanya. 
If you enjoy sitting enjoying life at a cafe, a visit to Robert's Coffe at Damlatas is a must when visiting Alanya.
Also food, snacks and cakes are served, so Robert's Coffee is always worth a visit, that can easily be combined with beaching or a walk in the nearby park and recreational area.

Shakespeare Bistro at the Atatürk statue at the main street/ eastern beach
Another popular cafe is Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, where also music are played during weekends. 
Sit at the street side and watch daily life as it happens, or relax inside in the cozy and appealing cafe area.
And not to forget: The pizza at Shakespeare in Alanya is really, really good and the place is also open for evening dinner.

Juice and Friends
Located behind Starbucks at the Atatürk statue Juice and Friends is tugged nicely away from the noisy main street. Modern contemporary interior and menu that also offers various and freshly made juices.
The place might not be easy to find but it is surely a great place for both local and foreigners.

In Turkey coffee will never be as popular as tea. But one thing is for sure. A freshly brewed cup of your favorite coffee drink is always to find in Alanya.

A lot of restaurants do not serve real coffee, but instead powder coffee/ instant coffee. 

Do therefor always remember to ask the waiter how the coffee in the restaurant is made, to avoid the disappointment of having a instant coffee served after a nice meal.

Instead go to one of real coffee places and get a freshly brewed coffee there...

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