Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Flightlist for Gazipasa airport & ferry boat from Alanya to Girne

Good news everyone!
An unofficial list showing all flights in and out of Gazipasa airport has been published. 

This list is showing not only the airline and flight destination, but also the periods of which these flights take place.

Please note that some of the flights are charterflight and can therefor not be booked via the airline, but only via the travel agency who is responsible for the flight in question.

Ferry boat operating from Alanya to Girne on Norther Cyprus

Also starting this year it will be possible to sail from Alanya to Girne. The trip takes app. 3 hours and the price for a return ticket is around 350 TL for at return ticket.

This will make for a great little weekend get-away.

To learn more about the ferry boat click here (Famtours Facebook page)

To read more about Girne on Northern Cyprus click here (Lonely Planet).

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The January edition of our online magazine is ready!

Dear all, 
Welcome to this 2nd edition of our online magazine.

We are very pleased with the positive reception that our first magazine got and hope you will enjoy this first magazine of 2018 just as much.

As always we have collected the best stories and information from our blog as well as social medias and added beautiful properties and other relevant information for those of your following the property market in Turkey.

Also we have added a new section to the magazine that we call "Recommended by 2Base".

Here we gathered a list of places in and around Alanya that we believe are worth visiting.

We have done so without looking if the place is big, small, well-known, unknown, expensive, cheap, Turkish, international or is found at page 1, 2 or nowhere in the tourist brochures.

Only criteria is that at least one staff here at 2Base has approved the place.

Our hope is that the list can be an inspiration for you to try out new places and have even more good experiences here in Alanya.

Should you know of a place that deserves to be on the list we are more than happy to hear from you.

What the crystal ball has to say about the coming year no one knows and we can only guess.

What we do know is that 2Base is celebrating our 15th year as estate agent in Alanya.

At our place the coffee is always hot and everyone is welcome for a chat about whatever is on your mind.

Before you dive into the magazine and start reading we want to take the chance to wish you all a happy new year and we hope to see you all very soon in Alanya.

On behalf of everyone here at 2Base.

Click here to read the magazine

Monday, January 22, 2018

How a holiday home in Alanya brings divorced couple back together

This weekend Finnish newspaper Taulussanomat published a nice article describing the life in Turkey for the Leinonen couple.

Leinonen bought a holiday home in Alanya more than 10 years ago and are now staying here every winter to get away from cold Finland.

Originally the couple got divorced back in 1994, but when Mr. Olavi Leinonen later decided to invest in a holiday home in Alanya it led to a visit from his then ex-wife Irmeli and the couple got back together.

The apartment is located in Elite City residence and was bought via us here at 2Base Estate Agency. 

Ever since the Leinonens have been keeping in contact with us and we help them whenever it is needed.

In the article our Finnish sales manager Sari Syrjälä is also telling about the estate market in Alanya and what to look out for when investing in Turkish property.

Here at 2Base we are happy that another positive story about real estate in Alanya has been published in European media. 

And of course it makes us extra happy and proud when the source of the story comes directly from Alanyas best estate agent, 2Base.

Read the full story here - it is in Finnish language so we recommend using google translate :-)

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Obtaining deed got even faster + new payment procedures for electricity

To obtain the title deed for your Turkish holiday home is a swift and pretty straightforward procedure. 

Not that we recommend anyone trying to do this themselves, but for those of us doing this on a daily basis the rules, regulations and procedures are fairly easy to deal with.

And now a new update to the Turkish laws has made it even simpler. 

As you can see on the picture it was a front page story in the local press.

Previously any building needed to be approved for sale to foreigners by the Turkish military. 
This to prevent foreigners buying property in zones of military interest, land zones or other restricted areas where foreigners can not buy a property.

In Alanya for example this has always been a pro forma process, since there are no such restricted areas.

Most building already had the approval but sometimes a property was sold in a building that never got this military approval and so we had to apply for this which would delay the entire title deed process for several weeks.

Good news is that all such restrictions has been removed from the Alanya area and the military permission is no longer needed for foreigners in any building in the area.

Be aware of new procedures for paying electricity

And now what we have your attention please be aware of a minor but important change that electricity company CLK Akdeniz has implemented.

Monday, November 27, 2017

4 great activities for kids on a rainy day in Alanya

Even that most advertisement about Alanya claims the opposite the sun does actually not shine all the time.

Yes, we know. 

It might come as a shocking surprise but at times we do get both rainy, grey, stormy and windy days in Alanya.

The big question is what to do when the sun decides to take a break.

Especially kids can be very inpatient and hard to entertain when outdoor activities are limited. 

We have therefor made a list of 4 great activities for kids on a rainy day in Alanya.

Number 1 - Play the flipper machine
All kids loves game lands and luckily one is to be found in the shopping center "ALANYUM" easy accesible on the 35 meter road in Cikcilli.
The 3 storey shopping center has a foot court and gameland on the topfloor. Here you will find all kinds of arcade games, flipper machines, air hockey and other entertaining games and activities for kids of all ages.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Best places for having your coffee in Alanya

Even that Turkey is a real "tea-drinkers" country also a lot of coffee is consumed. 

Especially the younger generations has accepted coffee, and cafe-visits with friends are getting increasingly popular.

This is no different in Alanya where several of the bigger European coffee chains has established themselves side by side with the local coffee shops.

We therefor want to provide you with this mini-guide to the best places for having your coffee in Alanya.

Starbucks at the Atatürk statue on the main street
We of course have to start with Starbucks, who has several coffee shops in Alanya. 
The very first opened is situated close to the Atatürk statue on the main street, in an area where several coffee shops and cafes are found side by side.
Besides the usual selection in freshly brewed coffee drinks also cakes and sandwiches are served - just as we know it from other Starbucks Coffee shops around the word.
May we recommend the simple, black and always freshly brewed filter coffee...

Robert's Coffee at Damlatas/ Cleopatra beach
With beautiful and nice decor this is one of the absolute top cafes in Alanya. 
If you enjoy sitting enjoying life at a cafe, a visit to Robert's Coffe at Damlatas is a must when visiting Alanya.
Also food, snacks and cakes are served, so Robert's Coffee is always worth a visit, that can easily be combined with beaching or a walk in the nearby park and recreational area.

Shakespeare Bistro at the Atatürk statue at the main street/ eastern beach
Another popular cafe is Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, where also music are played during weekends. 
Sit at the street side and watch daily life as it happens, or relax inside in the cozy and appealing cafe area.
And not to forget: The pizza at Shakespeare in Alanya is really, really good and the place is also open for evening dinner.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This is how you find Alanyas biggest shops!

Shopping is and will always be very popular way of spending time.

If not for you then at least for someone you know really well :-)

So we have made a quick guide to the biggest shops and shopping centers in Alanya.

There are actually a lot more than you think.

We have also included links to Google Maps, so that you can start navigating to your new favorite shop in just a single click.

Don`t forget that Google Maps allows you to download an area allowing you to view the map and navigate without having access to the Internet.

This can be done via the Google Maps application on your phone.

But lets get started with the list.

Alanyum -
Shoppingcenter in Cikcilli in two floors with a variety of shops and a supermarket. 
Also cinema and several fast food restaurant.

Kipa -
The biggest supermarket in town and located in Cikcilli.

82 Sali Pazar -
Everything for your kitchen and house. 
It is cheap and mostly plastic. 
Located next to Kipa in Cikcilli.

Koctas -
Turkish version of Ikea. 
Located at the 35m road in Oba.

Tekzen -
Like Koctas but smaller and with cheaper selection. 
Next to Kipa.

Metro -
Like you know it but also open for private persons. 
Located in Oba. 
A good place for buying fresh fish, meat and foreign groceries. 
Also sell electronics.

Vatan Computer -
All you need in electronics.

35m street
At the 35m road from Kipa and all the way to Tosmur there are many difference furniture stores.

Alanya center
In the center of Alanya from the post office PTT to the area after the Atatürk statue you will find many shops selling branded clothes.
This is in general a good area for shopping and sipping coffee. 

Megamall Konakli -
Shopping center with a broad variety of shops and cafes.

Nova Mall Manavgat -
One hour drive away in Manavgat. 
Plenty of shops and a place where you can easily spend several hours.

All there is left to say is "shop `till you drop" and remember that if you can carry all of the shopping bags by yourself, then you did not shop enough!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Our new online magazine is now available!

Dear all, 
Today is a special day here at 2Base Estate Agency!

This because we are proud and happy to announce the release of our first online magazine.

The magazine contains a total of 44 interesting pages aimed at everyone with a interest for the property market in Alanya.

It is free and can be accessed either at the bottom of this blog post or by clicking the image above.

As you might know we are also active on our Facebook page as well as here on your blog, property in Turkey.

All of these information we have not gathered in one place and added the best offers, a fresh and beautiful design and other short stories.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the magazine and you are welcome to share to your friends via Facebook or other social medias.

Finally we are also very interested in getting your feedback on the magazine, ideas or suggestions for future articles or any other comments that you might find relevant.

Enjoy the magazine!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Certified agents are not always competent

Lets be honest!

To establish a real estate agency in Alanya does not require a lot. Neither any higher education nor special skills or requirements are needed.

Only demand that you must fulfill is to complete an evening training course, which takes no more than a couple of weeks.

So it is far from a comprehensive education to teach you about important subjects such as buying contracts, financial security of the payment or guidelines for moral and ethics as an estate agent.

Not that long ago we actually had an interesting experience where the responsible person for issuing licenses for estate agents in Alanya proudly told us about all the good he had done for the sector in Alanya which was making it even easier to get the permission to open a real estate agency and get the needed license.

In our opinion he should have spend his time and influence by securing and highering the quality of the sector but it shows how unfortunate the entire sector and agents are thinking - which is thinking of themselves and not of you as a customer.

This has created an overflow of authorized estate agents in Alanya but a lack of those who are competent and qualified.

At 2Base we believe that it pays of to be a bit different and we always think of the customer before thinking of ourselves. 
We believe this will end up securing us more sales and more customers.

But how do you choose the right estate agent in Alanya when not even a real estate certificate will guarantee you a qualified and competent agent?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Checklist for property in Turkey

It is hard not to get tempted by a holiday home in sunny Turkey close to the sea.

But before you decide to go all in and buy your own holiday home there are a few but very important and essential criteria that the holiday home in question must fulfill.

Type of ownership
Also in Turkey there are different types of ownership. Make sure that your property is a owner-occupied property and not part of any company, joint venture or time-share.

Are a foreigner allowed to own?
Not all properties in Turkey can be sold to foreigners due to restrictions on location and type. Make sure that your property can be sold to you as a foreigner.

Make sure that no debt or any kind of ipotek are transferred to your name via the purchasing contract or transfer of title deed.

Ferdi iskan (habitation certificate)
Make sure that the ferdi iskan of the property is either already in place or can be easily issued. 
Ferdi iskan is connected to another permission named ön iskan. 
In case the ön iskan of the complex/ building is not present you must be aware and understand the consequence of this.

As a general rule you should only buy property in case the ön iskan is either already in place or can be issued without any further delays.

Contract of sale
The contract of sale must be thorough and detailed. 

The most important clauses are:
- Terms and conditions for payments
- Hand over
- Guarantees
- Termination of the contract

The title deed as well as seller and buyers ID must be a part of the contact as attachments.

Make sure that it is always seller himself who personally signs the contract of sale.
Do not accept that a real estate agent or another 3rd party signs on behalf of seller.

Unless it is clearly specified in the contract all payments must always be paid directly to seller.

Please note that the above only represents the absolute most important things to consider.

We also recommend you to always carry out a detailed check on the property that you are planning to buy. 

Read more about that in the blog "Essential checklist before investing in a holiday home in Turkye".

Let us know in case you have any questions, we are right here to answer them.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Vocabulary for property in Turkey

Even the process is more or less the same, purchasing a property in Turkey is of course different then doing so in your home country.

One of the biggest differences are actually the language since Turkish can be a bit hard to understand for most.

Still a lot of Turkish words are surviving without translation when the topic is property in Turkey which can make if hard to understand exactly what is going on and what the exact meaning is.

This is why we have made this vocabulary for property in Turkey that covers the Turkish words that are often used without being translated.

Kapıcı // Caretaker

Görevli // Also caretaker but a bit more polite

Yönetici // Administrator

Ferdi iskan // Habitation certificate and permission to use the apartment

Ön iskan // Approval of the building permission and that all authorities involved have approved the building.

Sigorta // Insurance

Belediye // Municipality

Tapu // Title deed

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Understand your Turkish title deed

When purchasing a property the most important document is without any doubt the title deed, since it proofs the ownership of the property.

In this blog post we will take your through the current procedures for obtaining the title deed as well as explaining what kind of information you find on the printed version of the deed.

We also want to point out very clearly that the printed version of the deed does not hold any other value than the paper it has been printed on.

You can see it as a kind of diploma and should you loose the printed version there will be no consequences.

Even if someone that you do not trust gets hold of the printed version of your title deed, it can not be abused.

The ownership is registered at the land registry office and it is the information in their computer systems that are valid.

Until recently the process of obtaining a title deed was somehow complicated and time consuming.

Luckily things have improved for the better and today the process goes as follows...

Via an online system an appointment for initiating the process is obtained from the land registry office.
Relevant information such as the public evaluation of the property, buyer and sellers personal information etc are collected and handed in to the land registry office.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Getting to Alanya: How to find the best and cheapest tickets

Discussions about flight tickets and how to get the best and cheapest deals is always a hot topic for home owners in Turkey.

Based on our own experience we made this guide which we hope will prove both useful and informative.

Where to fly to...

This is quite simple since there are just two options. Most well-known is Antalya Airport (Airport code AYT) located 120 km west of Alanya with newcomer Gazipasa airport (Airport code GZP and often called Alanya Gazipasa Airport, Antalya Gazipasa or even Antalya Alanya airport so be careful not to mix up between these two airports) located 40 km east of Alanya.

Neither of the two airports has public transportation in direction Alanya.
Instead several airlines offer free or inexpensive shuttle services to and from the airport direction Alanya.

Driving a rental car to Alanya will take you around one hour and 45 minutes from Antalya airport and 30 minutes from Gazipasa airport.
Conditions of the road is good but you need to remember that the traffic in Turkey might be a bit more hectic than you are used to.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Who celebrates christmas in Alanya?

The obvious answer to the question is "everyone that lives here does"...

For most people Christmas is more of an event than a religious thing meaning that it is  - but of course in its own way - celebrated by everyone even in a Muslim country like Turkey.

Also no shop in Turkey is blind to the commercial aspect of Christmas so currently all shopping is accompanied by Christmas decorations and jingle bells.

Some even claim that Santa actually comes from Turkey and not the North pole, Finland, Greenland or anywhere else.

With that said celebrating Christmas in Alanya is of course very different than celebrating it at home. The special Christmas mood that you find in your home country can not be replicated anywhere, no matter how hard you try.

People who choose to travel to Alanya during the holidays do so because they want to get away from all the Christmas activities at home, so they surely do not mind.

And all of us living permanently here in Alanya do not have same expectations to Christmas as we would normally have.
Instead we make Christmas our own way and try to mix some of the traditions we know from home with the opportunities that are available in Alanya.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alanyas new ring road is on its way

The last couple of years Turkey has started to invest heavily in new infrastructure. 
Most notably are the new tunnel and bridge across Bosphurus in Istanbul and the construction of a new mega airport that will replace the existing and already pretty big Atatürk Airport.

Also in Alanya there are some new projects underway and one of the most exiting - but not so much talked about - is the new ring road.

The current ring road is known as the 35 meter road, presumably because it is 35 m wide. This road starts at the entrance of Alanya at the Dinek/ Luna Park area and ends just before the Dim River in Tosmur.

The new road is known as the 50 m road and construction is on-going as you read this. Interestingly enough there is not much public information available about the road, but here is what we know so far.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Essential checklist before investing in a holiday home in Turkey

Investing in a holiday home in a Turkey is simultaneously both an terrifying and amazing experience.

Terrifying since you do not now local customs, rules and regulations and therefore are operating in unknown territory.

Amazing since you are about to purchase the holiday home of your dreams, a place where you and your family will spend many happy hours.

But before finalizing the deal and signing the contract there are several areas which are worth paying attention to.

Spending some time investigating before taking the final decision can save you both time, a lot of trouble and of course your hard earned money.

By this we do not mean finding yourself an respectable and licensed estate agent who speak your language and can offer you a secure financial deal.
This is of course still an absolute “must”.

But after finding your dream property and having received and reviewed the first initial information it is always a good idea to take a closer look at some key information.

Monday, September 5, 2016

What to expect from the remaining part of 2016

So far 2016 has been what we can best describe as an interesting year here in Turkey. 

Why it has been like this we will not get into here. Other medias are writing plenty about that, so no need to repeat.

Instead we will take a closer look on how we think the property market will develop for the remaining part of 2016.

It can of course not be much more than guessing, but with 13 years of experience we believe that we have earned the right to call it qualified guessing.

A very positive sign is that there are still several interested buyers in the market, and that properties are still being sold.

We do see that foreign buyers often have a longer and existing connection to the market.

This could be buyers that already own a holiday home in Turkey and now are looking to exchange to something bigger or better, or buyers that has been coming to Turkey for many years as holiday makers and now have decided to get a holiday home of their own.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Julio & Ricky, heavy traffic and properties at the river

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another update on what is happening in and around Alanya!

Do we even have to mention the sun, the blue sky and the cooling and crystal clear Mediterranean? Of course not, so we wont :-)

Julio & Ricky is heading for the Expo: This is not the first time we mention Expo Antalya but since new acts and activities are constantly added to the events calendar we feel like reminding everyone about the opportunities at the expo

Coming up are concerts with both Julio Iglesias and Ricky Martin. So head over to the event section of the Expo web site, take a closer look at what is available and get your tickets now.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Fresh Summer Update From Alanya

Once the calendar tells you that we are well into the month of July there is no denial anymore - it is summer in Alanya, temperature has already increased into the 30+ range and your air conditioning unit has become your new best friend.

Since our last blog update some pretty exciting things has happened. So lets get started and bring you the latest updates from in and around Alanya as well as updates from us here at 2Base Estate Agency.

Surprisingly, local team Alanyaspor managed to reach the play-off final where they clashed with Adanaspor in a very intense and hard fought final for promotion to the best Turkish football league, Süperlig

In the end a penalty shoot-out decided the outcome and Alanyaspor came out on top mainly because several Adanaspor players had problems even getting their penalty attempts on target. 
So get ready, next year giants Fenerbahce, Galatasarya and Besiktas will be playing Alanyaspor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We are back...

Last couple of month there hasn't been all that much activity here at our blog. 

But we are back now and will take a look at some of the exciting things that has been going on while we were napping.

- Expo in Antalya
- Alanya 2016, what will happen?
- Alanyaspor
- Life at 2Base

Are you ready? Very well, lets get started then...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 here we come...

When a year is about to come to an end it is time to take a deep breath and look back on the happenings and events of the year that has passed.

In the real estate sector two questions are always asked.

"How is the market?" (as in how are sales currently) and then of course "how will it (the market) develop?".

We believe that as an estate agent you will have two different choices of answer.

You can give a "real-estate-answer". 

This means that things are always good no matter how bad they really are and the market will always develop positively no matter how dark the forecasts are.

Or you can give an honest answer based on facts. 

At 2Base we truly believe in the second option.

So, how is the market?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Get inspired with themes

Browsing online property web sites can often be both confusing and frustrating, especially when it comes to properties abroad where your knowledge about each of the local area and their pluses and minuses might not be complete up to date.

Some time ago 2Base introduced a new way of sorting for properties called "themes". This is essentially a new way of putting all of our properties into different kind of categories making it easier for you as a customer to understand of this property might be of your interest.

We have a variety of themes such as "Beach-lovers", "Penthouse", "View", "Bargains" and so on.
Which kind of properties you can find under each theme should hopefully be easy to figure out :-)

But what is the new thing? 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bodrum is worth a visit

No doubt that Alanya is number 1 :-)

The big questions is then who the runner ups are....

We would definitely recommend Bodrum for a top 3 position and in case you have not already been there, then surely it is time to go for a visit.

Bodrum actually consists of a peninsula on which you can find several bigger and smaller cities. 

Bodrum city itself is worth a visit, but for the accommodation most people prefer the more quite and peaceful areas.

We can recommend the area of Yalikavak and Gümüslük where you can get absolutely fantastic accommodation and views all the way to the Greek islands across the Aegean sea.

The Bodrum peninsula has always been known for attracting jet-setters and everyone else that wants a taste of luxury.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The more the merrier

For pretty obvious reasons it has always been popular to invest in a holiday home together with other members of the family or close friends. 

In that way costs are split between more people and the holiday home will not stay empty for longer periods. 

Also many families buying together enjoy actually visiting the apartment at the same. 
The space might be a bit tight but what is better than enjoying the sun and beach in the company of your best friends and family?

There are a few practical issues though to consider before teaming up with your best friends or parents and investing together.

- Always make sure that the official share of the apartment corresponds to the actual ownership. So in case you paid for 2/3 of the apartment and your friends family paid for 1/3, this must also be reflected on the title deed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Are you a handyman?

It is not often that a property makes it all the way to our blog posts. Only when we have en extraordinary good offer or a very unusual property for sale we write about here on our blog.

In this particular case the property in question is both an amazing offer AND something special.

So in case you are a handyman looking for a property on the Alanya peninsula - also known as the castle area - then look no further because we do guarantee you that this is an offer that you can not find similar from any other estate agent.

A total of three units are now on sale for discounted price.