Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Corona Virus: An update from 2Base in Alanya

Dear all, 
As the corona virus keeps disrupting everyday life across the globe it seems that the next couple of month will be quite here at our office in Alanya.

Not that we are going anywhere, but we will surely miss the daily visits from you, our beloved customers.

Just as in other parts of Europe also Turkey is slowly moving towards a lock-down situation and it seems that traveling during spring will be impossible.

Our office is still open, but at some point we might also need to work from home and/ or restrict working hours at the office in Alanya.

But just to be absolutely clear...

- We are working hard as always and will continue to do so
- Your property will still be taken care of as always
- We are still reachable just like always via chat, mail, phone or social media

For those of you who wants to follow the situation in Turkey we can recommend the following news sites in English.

Hurryiet Daily News

Anadolu News Agency

Yeni Safak

Daily Sabah

and finally the more independent and less government controlled...

Ahval News

(Please note that in case you are actually in Turkey, Ahval news might not be possible to access due to government restrictions).

Finally we can recommend using CNN Türk for latest updates. 
This site is in Turkish, but Google Translate normally does a pretty good job.

Please stay healthy and safe out there, listen and follow guidelines from local authorities and government.

By doing that we will all be able to see each other again rather sooner than later.

Best wishes
2Base Alanya

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

2Base on Instagram is getting more interesting...

More than a year ago we decided to get active on Instagram and share our best and most beautiful pictures with you.

During that time we have learned that Instagram is a good place to share small and not that serious bits and pieces from our real estate lives here in Alanya.

So from now on we will engage even more in "stories" on Instagram and provide you with more insights on everyday life and happenings here at 2Base.

We are sure it will be fun...

So far we have been running separate Instagram profiles for our English, Russian, Turkish, Finnish and Danish followers.

We have to be realistic though and we will not be able to publish and maintain Instagram Stories on five different accounts.

This means that soon our profile named "alanya2base" will be our only Instagram profile.

So in case you are following one of our other profiles:


then please unfollow and move to "alanya2base" instead since this is where all the fun will be in the future.

See you all on Instagram.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

New edition of our FREE online magazine is out NOW!

Last month of the year seems like a good time to publish our final magazine or the year - so here we go.

This edition will be the most interactive that we have made so far and throughout the entire magazine we have added videos for you to watch.

So keep an eye out for the small videoplayer icon that will show you where videos are available. 

All the videos play directly inside the magazine, so after watching you can keep on reading from where you left.

Watch for instance our Instagram Stories that shows little bit about daily life here in Alanya or join us when we show you how a Turkish barbershop works.  

One of the beauties of our magazine is that most of the content has already been published on our social channels or website already. 

But we know how hard it can be to follow everything from networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, our property blog and so on.

Although it is hard to admit there are other things in life than "2Base". Sad but true. 

So this is why our magazine is the perfect place to do all the catching up, since all the best content from across all platforms is presented in a single place.

With that we will leave you to it - enjoy the magazine and have a jolly December and a great new year!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New evaluation report introduced in Turkey

Earlier this year a new expertise report was introduced when buying or selling a property in Turkey. 

This means that a certified appraiser must valuate the property being traded.

This value is then used as the official property evaluation and used for calculating fees for the title deed transaction, property tax among other examples.

Historically in Turkey the public property values and evaluations has been a lot lower than the actual market values and traded values.

The idea behind introducing this new report is to bridge the gap between the public property evaluation and the market values.

The new rapport consists of a detailed description of the property, the building, similar properties within the same area among other examples.

Interestingly enough this report so far is only mandatory for property transactions where foreigners are involved as either seller or buyer.

As in other countries a higher public property evaluation also in Turkey equals more expenses for the owner of the property.

In case the Turkish authorities want to gap the bridge between public evaluations and traded values the logical step would be to re-evaluate all properties not matter if they are being traded or not.

Unfortunately this would go under the category if "political suicide" and therefor the government has chosen to implement this new report step by step and did for some reason choose to start with properties being sold or bought by foreigners.

However, it is believed by most that this will be implemented to all property trades no matter nationality soon.

Moreover, within some years all properties no matter if they are being traded or not will have to be re-evaluated.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

See for yourself what Alanya has to offer!

Before selling any holiday home in Alanya we first need to sell Alanya itself to our clients.

And why is that? 

Because investing in holiday home abroad is not just about squaremeters and bricks. 

It is much more about fulfilling a dream about the good life.

So at 2Base we have decided to make it even more obvious to everyone why Alanya is the good place.

One of the things we are doing is producing our own small videos explaining what Alanya and Turkey is all about. 
This can be everything from a local sight over where to eat and what to do. 

We try to cover both the well-known sights as well as smaller hidden gems that are not that obvious.

All videos are published on both our facebook pages and in Vimeo.

So far we have covered the following topics. If you would like to watch the video on facebook, just click on the name of the video.

Organic markets in Alanya

Turkish barbershop

Delicious smoke, Turkish styke kebab restaurants

Hamaxia Antique City

Sulu yemek, Turkish style lokanta

Dim Lake

Fishing from the beach

Italian pizza vs Turkish pide  

And we have many more to come.

If there is a particular topic that you would like us to cover, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The best way of learning about new videos is to LIKE and follow us on our Facebook page.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Fresh edition of our online magazine is ready!

Hello all, 
After a long wait it is now again time for us to publish a new edition of our online magazine.

All updates from our social media channels and blog have been stuffed into the newest edition of our FREE online magazine.

As an extra spice we have added a lot of beautiful Alanya photos and of course the latest and best offers from the property market.

So in case you need to catch up on what has been going on in Alanya, this is your chance.

Read more about:
- So many rumours, but nothing to worry about
- We have moved, but not too far
- Spring update from Alanya

Furthermore we have collected the best stories and pictures from our Facebook pages.

That is something you should not miss!

Click on this link or the picture at the top to access and read the magazine.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring update from Alanya

Spring is slowly coming to Alanya.

The freezing and windy days are almost gone and among the tourists you even start to see short sleeves and shorts.

For those of us who live here permanently long sleeves are still the preferred option, but the warm days are increasing in number.

In this blog post it is time to sum up what is currently happening in and around Alanya.



The local elections are soon coming up and as usual the campaign buses from the various parties are circulating the streets and distributing their message via gigantic speaker systems.
This time the AKP has sided up with the MHP party and are competing against the coalition between CHP and IYI parties.


To register or not to the register

Among many homeowners there has been some confusion as to whether it is compulsory to register yourself with the local authorities when you or your friends and family are using your holiday home and there is no rental or letting involved

We would like to make this clear: If you use your holiday home yourself or lend it to friends or family, then no one has to register with local authorities.


New evaluation reports when transferring deeds

When buying and selling housing that involves foreigners an evaluation report must now be prepared to determine the value of the unit involved.

This is going to make it a bit more expensive to transfer a title deed to a new owner.

Why this only applies to foreigners is not entirely known, but rumor has it that this is due to the upcoming election. 
Since the authorities fear losing votes they will not apply this new regulation to the Turks until after the election.

Yes, it sounds completely crazy and is therefor probably also correct.


Take a look at our latest videos

We have started production of new videos from our many complexes and for sale properties. 
The videos can be found both on our website under the individual properties and complexes as well as on the video website Vimeo.

We also started creating some short informative videos about Alanya and these can also be viewed at Vimeo.

Go to Vimeo and watch all the videos.


Stay updated on our social media accounts

Finally we would like you to remember to follow us on our social media platforms.

Not all information is published here on the blog, so especially our Facebook page is definitely worth following.

The Facebook page is updated with news, latest videos, important information and funny stories.

If you like a beautiful picture we also have an Instagram profile that is worth following.

Click here to visit our Facebook page

Clich here to visit us on Instagram

Friday, December 7, 2018

We have moved - but not too far

Dear everyone, 
After more than 13 years in the same office location in the city center of Alanya the time has come for us to move on to a new office.

Luckily we have found our new place in almost same location so the change will not be too big.

As of today we are to be found at the following address.

2Base Estate Agency

Çangal Sokak: 12
Saray Mahallesi
07400 Alanya

View the new location on a map

To celebrate the move we would like to invite all clients, customers, collaborators and partners to an opening reception/ party.

Please join us on Thursday 13th of December 2018 from 14.00 o clock.

There will be coffee, cookies, beer, wine, ayran, snacks, refreshments, cake, healthy stuff and other surprises.

We look forward welcoming you in our new office.

Kind regards

Everyone at 2Base

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

So many rumors - but nothing to worry about

In Turkey there is unfortunately a lot of illegal construction. 

One of the most well-known types are the so-called "gece kondo" which basically means smaller houses that has been build overnight.

Also in many villages and farm areas houses and even buildings have been constructed without permissions.

The authorities has for many years mainly turned the blind eye to these kind of structures, knowing that touching them would create anger and probable cost a great deal of valuable votes.

Recently a new approach has been taken, which is legalizing these illegal buildings by making owners pay a small sum.
Not very fair to those who has kept within the limits of the law, but that is another story.

So a recent issued decree has allowed owner of illegal buildings to apply to the relevant authorities with the purpose of legalizing what was previously illegal.

Obviously a lot of  applications has been filed and these are now being reviewed one by one. 
The application must be filed no later than end of this month and currently it seems like the decree will not be extended.

As one can imagine there has been a lot of talk going on about this, and especially on social medias the rumors quickly got going with comments such as "if you do not apply to legalize your penthouse" the government will come and demolish it.

So just to make it clear. 

If you are a owner of a holiday home in Alanya this decree has nothing to do with you or your property. 

Do not listen to all this facebook gossip, because that is just what it is: Gossip.

In case you are doubtful or just needs double confirmation, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assure you that your holiday home is legal.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Best moments of this summer - Alanyas best property magazine is back!

Like the previous many years the summer here in Alanya was both exiting and full of action :-)

As always we were active on both our social channels as well as our beloved blog.

All of these news and updates we are stuffed into the newest edition of our FREE online magazine.

As an extra spice we have added a lot of beautiful property photos and of course the latest and best offers from the property market.

So in case you need to catch up on what has been going on in Alanya, this is your chance.

Read more about:

- Ferry to Northern Cyprus and flightlist of Gazipasa Airport.

- Microadventures in Alanya

- Colored stickers and elevators

- Getaway to Alanya

- Playgrounds in Alanya

Furthermore we have collected the best stories and pictures from our Facebook pages.

That is something you should not miss!

Click on this link or the picture at the top to access and read the magazine.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Updates on the Turkish economy: Lending rates up, new laws for use of currencies and much more

Recent month have not been very kind to the Turkish economy and particularly the Turkish lira has taken a deep fall loosing 40 percent to the United States Dollar.

As a counter measure the Turkish government and Central Bank has taken several initiatives to counter measure, some of which are related to the real estate market.

So lets take a look at these.

- Lending rate up to 24 percent -
The lending benchmark has been increased by more than 6 percent and is now 24 percent and will eventually make it more expensive to get a mortgage on your Turkish property. 

This will primarily affect the local Turkish buyers since they are the primary loan takers of Turkish mortgages. 
Europeans tend to either pay cash or obtain mortgages from their home countries since this is a lot cheaper and easier.

And with the market for Turkish buyers already being effected due to the general crisis, this increase of lending rate will not have a big effect, since the damage has already been done on the local markets.

- Investment levels for getting citizenship has been cut -
Many of you most likely did not even know this, but Turkey actually has a "invest for citizenship" program and have had it for many years.

This is obviously not of any interest to any Europeans, but for many Arabs and Middle East citizens obtaining a Turkish citizenship has several advantages.

Now this has become a lot easier and you can apply for Turkish citizenship in case you invest for property worth 250.000 USD, with the old limit being a whooping 1.000.000 USD.

Such an investment program is never going to make a big impact in the market but surely these lower investment levels will not be bad for the sector.

To read more about this please click here (English only)

- New laws on currencies used for contracts -
In a more controversial move the Turkish government has banned use of foreign currencies for all contracts forcing the use of the Turkish lira.

Currently it is quite common to use either the Euro or USD when buying and selling real estate, for rental contract and other more valuable contract and agreements. 

As of middle of October 2018 this will no longer be allowed.

This new law had some potential to do some real harm in the real estate sector, since especially foreigners would have a hard time understanding why they should stick to the weak and unstable lira.

So when it was also announced that foreigners and Turks living abroad is exempt from this law there was a huge relief. 

Surely some domestic developers will have a hard time living up to the new law, but overall it will again have only minor effect on the market.

- The latest numbers from Turkish Statistics Institute -
Lets round this blog of by bringing you the latest figures from TÜIK, Turkish Statistics Institute.

- House sales across Turkey declined 12.5 percent on a yearly basis in August

- There was a 67 percent yearly decrease in mortgaged sales.

- A total of 105,154 properties were sold across Turkey in August

- Iraqis topped the list of foreign buyers with 944 properties, followed by Iranians (394), Saudis (275), Kuwaitis (271) and Russians (192).

- Top destination was Istanbul with 1,141 sold units, followed by Antalya (which includes Alanya) with 675 units, Bursa with 307 units and Ankara with 305 units.

That was it for now - let us know in case you have any questions or comments. 

As always we are available on many different platforms, just pick the one that suits you the best and hit that send button.

Monday, July 23, 2018

A getaway to Alanya

Did you ever wonder how the perfect holiday week looks like? If so, then read more in this blog where we guide you through 7 lovely days in Alanya

- Day 1
Today you just arrived and even though the trip to Alanya is not that long, today is for relaxing.

You go for a short walk to the local vegetable shop and fill up the fridge with seasonal fruits. 
It is very cheap and you pull out your blender and make some fresh smoothies.

The rest of they day you spend on the balcony and at the pool

Do not forget sun lotion and to drink a lot of water.

In the evening you go to the nearest local restaurant. It is within walking distance and the waiters will surely recognize you from your last visit.

- Day 2
You get up early because the sun is strong these first couple of days. 
You hit the beach as one of the first and are awarded with a sun bed in first line to the sea. 
Until lunch you swim and enjoy the sun.

Around lunch time it gets too hot and you move into the shade at the beach bar. 
Here you can order a small lunch and a cold and refreshing Efes.

After lunch you walk back to your apartment. It is hot but luckily you can spend the rest of the afternoon in your cooled apartment. 
You find the time to finish your book and make a few Skype-calls to friends and family.

After sunset you get into a taxi and drive to the city center. Here you walk along the lively and busy Atatürk street. 

All the shops are still open and there is a lot going on. 

You end up at the harbor area and enjoy a perfect dinner at one of the many upscale restaurants.

- Day 3
You wake up late. After having breakfast on your balcony you go down to the pool for a couple of hours. 

After that you go shopping, since you will eat at home tonight. 

Luckily supermarkets in Turkey are not that different to supermarket at home, so you have no problem getting what you need.

- Day 4
The rental car is delivered to you exactly at 9 o clock as agreed. 
You drive up to the mountains behind Alanya and first stop is at one of the local restaurants serving Turkish breakfast. What a breakfast that is, no lunch is needed now...

After this you drive directing Gazipasa and take a swim at an unspoiled beach while the sun sets. 

Gazipasa has a cozy bazaar area with local fish restaurants. You order "levrek" and drink "salgam" with the locals.

- Day 5
Beaching all day - no chance in hell that you will return to work looking like a pale fish like your co-workers.

- Day 6
Your last day in Alanya. Time to go shopping and get something for friends, family and of course yourself.

In the bazaar you find an overwhelming amount of cheap copy products. 
At the main street it is more the real deal, just cheaper than at home.

You end up having to buy an additional suitcase, and keep your fingers crossed that this will not mean having overweight.

Finally the best purchase of the day is done at the local jewelry shop. 
Here you can really save some money, so your conscience is clean.

The shopping tour sees its end at one of the many cafes with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

You have not had time to think about dinner, so your order some kebab from the local restaurant and they deliver to your door step.

Before going to bed it is time to pack and go for at last swim in the pool.

- Day 7
Bye bye Alanya, or "güle güle" as your Turkish friends are saying. 

Despite all the shopping you have only minimal overweight and the staff at the check-in counter turns the blind eye to it. 

A week has passed and you could easily have spend seven more days. 
Luckily you know that you will soon be back again...

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Micro-adventures in Alanya

Big is good but not always best and when it comes to adventures the smaller ones can often be just as good as something complicated.

So here is a list of some micro-adventures for everyone to try out in and around Alanya.

- Walk out the pier to Alanya Lighthouse

- Visit the game area of Alanyum

- Jump on the local bus and see where it takes you

- Ride the cable car up to the Castle area

- Piknik at the new park area north of Alanya

- Order and eat fresh fish at Yeni Hal and drink salgam.

- Try Turkish coffee

- Go inside Alanya Museum. We bet you have passed it several times, but have you actually entered?

- Buy a freshly cooked corn from one of the many street vendors.

- Try the bumber cars

- Try out a new beach 

- Try Turkish icecream

- Join the locals for lunch, go for "sulu yemek"

- Go out Turkish style at "Harem Bar".

- Rent a bike and ride along the beach. From Konakli there is 
safe passage all the way to Kargicak.

- Visit the local craftsmen area called Sanayi

and finally and most important...

- Use your imagination and take the opportunities that are handed to you. Always keep and open and positive mind.

Hopefully you will enjoy Alanya just as much as we do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Beautiful pictures from Alanya - Join us on Instagram

Here at 2Base we love a good picture. 

And most of all we love a good picture that is related to our beautiful Alanya. 

Beach, sunset, a fantastic pool area or from some of our many fantastic sights.

So finally we have decided to collect the very best of them on our brand new Instagram profiles.

We hope that you share our live for nice pictures and wants to join us.

To make it even better we have dedicated Instragram profiles for each of the following languages.

- 2Base on Instagram in English

- 2Base on Instagram in Finnish

- 2Base on Instagram in Turkish

- 2Base in Instagram in Danish

And since we do not publish the same pictures on each account everyday, you can easily follow us on more than one profile if you prefer.

In case you do not have instagram, you can still see all of our beautiful pictures be clicking the links above.

Are you already using Instagram then clicking the link will take you to our profile where you hopefully will choose to like our pictures and of course follow us :-)

See you on Instagram!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Alanya is the city of playgrounds

Families with children love Alanya. 

The climate here is perfect for both smaller and bigger children and the list of activities for children is long and exiting.

For older children we have go-carting, paintball, cinema, tree climbing (parkour), ATV excursions and much more.

Younger children will surely enjoy all the playgrounds in and around Alanya. 

Last couple of years the municipality has put a lot of work into building small parks with playgrounds all around Alanya. 

As a foreigner you should not be afraid to take advantage of this, even if you might be the only foreigner there.

Trust us when we say, that the local parents and kids will be more than happy to see a foreign face on their playground.

Even playgrounds might not meet European safety rules 100% it is very close and generally speaking the equipment and facilities are safe and extremely well looked after. 

So next time you visit Alanya with a kid try out the local playground - we are sure you will like it.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

About colored stickers and elevators

For those of you who has recently been in an elevator in Turkey, we are sure you have noticed the colored sticker seen inside most elevators.

But what does the different colors mean and exactly what are they symbolizing?

That is a good question, so we did a little research on elevator controls for your safety.

All elevators must be regularly checked to ensure that they are all safe to use.

The faults detected in these controls are classified into red, yellow, green and blue according to their degree and a visible label is affixed inside the elevator cabinet.

Red Label
If the irregularities identified and labelled as red are not corrected within 30 days, you will risk that your elevator will be sealed off by the municipality.

Yellow Label
Less serious faults that must be corrected within a period of 60 days.

Blue Label
For defects labelled blue there is a period of 12 month of corrections.

Green Label
The green label means that no defects what so ever has been found and that your elevator is in a perfect condition.

If the elevator has not yet been asesed and no labels are seen, you should contact an authorized elevator company as soon as possible and request your elevators to have periodic inspection carried out.

Finally we want to remind you that using the stairs now and is very healthy and recommendable no matter what color the sticker of the elevator is... 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The January edition of our online magazine is ready!

Dear all, 
Welcome to this 2nd edition of our online magazine.

We are very pleased with the positive reception that our first magazine got and hope you will enjoy this first magazine of 2018 just as much.

As always we have collected the best stories and information from our blog as well as social medias and added beautiful properties and other relevant information for those of your following the property market in Turkey.

Also we have added a new section to the magazine that we call "Recommended by 2Base".

Here we gathered a list of places in and around Alanya that we believe are worth visiting.

We have done so without looking if the place is big, small, well-known, unknown, expensive, cheap, Turkish, international or is found at page 1, 2 or nowhere in the tourist brochures.

Only criteria is that at least one staff here at 2Base has approved the place.

Our hope is that the list can be an inspiration for you to try out new places and have even more good experiences here in Alanya.

Should you know of a place that deserves to be on the list we are more than happy to hear from you.

What the crystal ball has to say about the coming year no one knows and we can only guess.

What we do know is that 2Base is celebrating our 15th year as estate agent in Alanya.

At our place the coffee is always hot and everyone is welcome for a chat about whatever is on your mind.

Before you dive into the magazine and start reading we want to take the chance to wish you all a happy new year and we hope to see you all very soon in Alanya.

On behalf of everyone here at 2Base.

Click here to read the magazine