Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Looking back and forward

New year is the absolute best time for looking back at the year that passed and more importantly to take a look into the crystal bowl trying to predict the year to come.

Where evaluating the year that passed is an easier task, predicting the future can be pretty hard and eventually it comes down to advanced guessing.

Nevertheless, this is what we intend to do.

Lets first take a look at the year that passed. How was it?

If the question would be addresses to our colleges in customer service they would tell you the this.

Working with the newly privatized electricity company has been quite a challenge.

Paying electric bills has become much more difficult due to ineffective working procedures at the electricity company. In the same time electric meters are shut down as soon as bills are not paid.
Luckily we have found a smart solution to this problem and we expect a lot less issues in this area for the new year

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Is Christmas celebrated in Turkey?

This blog-post was originally published back in 2010. But since not much have changed we wanted to bring it back to life.

Worth adding is that a Sunday-Christmas marked is now arranged every December at the harbor area in Alanya. Definitely worth a visit...

Finally we can not guarantee that price of the Christmas tree is still only 3 YTL.

Happy Reading and a Merry Christmas


Most people are probably aware of that fact that the majority of the Turkish population are Muslims and that their religion is Islam.

Likewise most people know, that Muslims do not have the same holidays, celebrations and traditions as we have.

Hardly surprising facts.

Still we often get the question:

Do you celebrate Christmas in Alanya?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Transparency to the extreme

Being a home owner in Turkey also means being part of an owners association.

In larger complexes the amount of money being paid each year to the owners association is quite significant.

It is therefor absolutely necessary that the accounting books of the complex are done properly and professionally.

We here give you a list of which reports you as an apartment owner should have access to:

Profit and Loss statementShowing all income and expenses during a particular period - often the current accounting year of the complex - the profit and loss will tell you if the complex is spending more money than it receives. Also you will be able to see how the money is spend account by account.

Balance sheet

Is a summary of the current financial situation at a specific time. It will show you the balance on each cash and bank account and also how much money is being owed to the owners union and how much the owners union owes to others.

These are the two main financial reports that will tell you how your owners union is doing.

An old lady is back in town

As some of you might know, one of the very first projects that our company got engaged in was the creation of Sunsearch - Alanya on the internet.

Back in 2003 this was one of the very first information portals for foreigners searching for online information about Alanya. The page was maintained in 8 different languages, and contained a mix of business profiles and relevant articles related to Alanya and Turkey.

A lot has happened since 2003 and lately Sunsearch has been living a quite life on the outskirts of the vast world wide web without drawing much attention.

So we thought it was about time to drag the old lady out of the garage and bring her up to speed. And so we did.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Driving from Europe to Turkey

Recent years it has become increasingly popular for holiday home owners with a little extra time on their hands to get in their cars and drive the long way from Europa and to Turkey.

This is a great chance of enjoying some unforgetable moments since the drive from Europa to Turkey offers many different route choices.

In general there are 3 major choices to make when selecting the route.

- Drive via Eastern Europa (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria)
- Drive via Mediterranean coast (Austria, Slovenia, Greece)

- Arrive by boat via Italy

No route is really better than the other but many seems to prefer to avoid travelling via Bulgaria due to several incidents related to theft.

Entering into Turkey it can be a good idea to avoid the heavy traffic in Istanbul and instead head south to the historic very interesting area of Canakkale.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Have you noticed the latest changes?

Have you noticed the latest updates to our web sites? 
Well, you definately should because both as well as has received a major overhaul and a new design has been implemented.

The web sites now offers an even better experience with a new modern design. Our picture viewer has been improved and viewing pictures of a particular property is smoother and faster than before.

Also we have implemented a new and really cool "get sales presentation" feature, that allows you to order any sales presentation directly from our web site.

After submitting your e-mail address you will immediately receive an email from which two print friendly variants of the sales presentation can be downloaded to your computer.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The most tempting offers for today

There is a large variety of appartments and villas for sale in Alanya. Since it is not easy to pick the best ones among them, we want to introduce you some of the most temptating offers.

The first ones offer space for also bigger families and they would also be a good alternative if e.g. several families would like to share the ownership. The third one is an appartment with 2 bedrooms quite in the city center.

Help to spread the word

Your appartment does not sell itself - this we have also previously written a post about that was called "Just getting your property listed will not get it sold".

Something definitely not to be underestimated is "social marketing". Here you as a seller are able to do a lot yourself ...

The traditional:
- Tell friends, family, co-workers and colleagues from the football club, that you have put your property for sale. Ask them to share this on to their friends and family.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We make your life easier

Have you ever had trouble paying your monthly owners union fees (“aidat” in Turkish) for your holiday home in Turkey? 

If the answer to the above question is "YES" then 2Base might be able to help you out.

The solution is simple: Join our inspection service program.

By doing that you can forget everything about troublesome IBAN numbers, wrong SWIFT codes and troubles caused by international banking systems differences – we will pay your bills including the monthly owners union without you having do anything else than asking us.. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Your holiday home in Alanya Center

Midsummer is here and who of us isn’t dreaming about holiday close to sea? About sitting with glass of wine in a sunset on a wide balcony? Swimming in a pool next to your home or about being close to day-night city life? 

We’ve got apartment to our portfolio which might be suitable for many of those, who look for a holiday home like this. 

In Asta Residence II we have charming light apartment with 2 bedrooms for a very attractive price. The residence has really good facilities – swimming pool, children's pool, tennis court, children’s playground and relaxing tidy garden just in front of residence.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to get more bookings

High season is soon here and demand for holiday apartment is getting bigger and bigger. If you are already letting your holiday home, we have collected some tips that will hopefully bring you even more bookings.

Make your own web site for your apartment
- Use web site builders such as or

Advertise on portals such as
- FlipKey by TripAdvisor (
 When receiving bookings via these portals do not forget to update the availability of your holiday home on

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life has moved outdoors

Spring arrived and in Alanya life is moving outdoor to spacious balconies and terraces. This means that time has come to start the BBQ and start cooking outdoor. But the outdoor kitchen can and should offer more than traditional barbecued food! 

For example, an outdoor oven, which spreads warmth on the patio and enables you to prepare crisp, crunchy pizzas and perfect bread in just a few minutes?

The outdoor grill, with a unique feature which ensures that the meat is grilled in its own juices – unlike stainless steel grates, where the meat is not grilled but roasted?

What about the fire captivates, where dancing, warm flames are a natural meeting place, offering calm, concentration and comfort?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New attractive appartments for sale

At the spring time there is usually a good selection of re-sale appartments for sale. Also this year we have got some really nice appartments to our portfolio; among these ones there might be suitable for many of those, who look a for holiday home.

In Olive City we have this charming appartment with 2 bedrooms. The residence has really good facilities. In the appartment there is floor heating in all premises, which makes it possible to stay in pleasant conditions also in winter time.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Payment in Alanya City buses

So far in Alanya City buses it has been possible to pay either in cash (2 TL) or with a card (1,50 TL). This week it has been informed that after 1.6.2014 payments can only be done by card. The price of a card is 5 TL and it can be loaded with a sum the customer wishes. One trip costs 1,50 TL and several passengers can use one card; it is not for personal use only. The card can be purchased and loaded in places marked with kentkart-sign. The list of places is only seen in Alanya municipality's pages.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Questions, leading to successful purchase

2Base always aims for our customers` full satisfaction, and to ensure that they invest in the holiday home that is the best match for them. But what are the most important to consider when looking for the holiday home of your dreams? 

One of the most important is: Ask yourself and give an honest answer to some important questions before entering into a deal for buying property in Turkey:

Can I afford this? To invest in a holiday home for the last money or for money which you are just planning to get – not a good idea. If you are waiting for a deal which will let you earn money – first finish the deal and then get money. The deal can be terminated, postponed and you will get into an uncomfortable situation, connected with loss of money.

If you buying property with mortgage, count if it is not burdensomely for you. Consider annual costs for purchased property in Turkey such as annual owner association fee, property taxes, insurance, inspection service, etc. 

Luckily holiday home owners are pleased that taxes and fees for property in Turkey are low comparing to other European countries. 

What is the most important to me and my family?
Only you is the one who can tell what you really need. While viewing property units

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Antik Kent - Near Alanya with the marvellous view

Antik Kent is one of Alanya's best known and most sought after complexes .

Why ? Because Antik Kent has the absolute best location on the cliff north of Alanya.

The view is not just good , it is formiddabel . In short ...

At the same time complex is not further away than that there is still proximity and easy access to Alanya center.

From Danish vendor we were offered two residential apartments for sale.
The apartments have a private location in the same villa surrounded by a large garden. Both apartments have an incredible number of square meters, they are well laid out and with a usable and functional decoration .

Similarly, it is not far to the pool or parking.

These villa apartments are offered for respectively 119,000 and 149,000 Euro .
For the total purchase of both occasions , the price will get down at incredible 210,000 Euro .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Interesting facts about Turkey

We hereby present you with a list of things that you most likely did not know about Turkey:

Number 1

Istanbul is the only city that is present in both Asia and Europe. The two sides of the city are connected by 2 bridges with a third under construction.

Number 2Noah’s Ark stranded on Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi) which is located in Eastern Turkey cose to the Iranian border. The mountain is the highest peak in Turkey and is 5166m high.
The site can be visited and by using a great deal of imagination the actual remains of the Ark are visible. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

See the face of your broker

It was not long ago that most of us went out to the mailbox when we wanted to see if we received mail.
And when we had to make a phone call , we sat down to the phone.
Likewise, an international call was rare and expensive .

Today Skype , Email , smartphones and Internet changed everything , and it is now possible to dial an English number when you have to talk to your broker in Turkey.

Similarly, for very little money you can make ​​great looking websites and introduce yourself and your company in a professional and welcoming manner.
It is therefore important to be aware of the following when choosing your future real estate in Turkey.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to pay the bills

After the contract is signed, the title deed transferred and furniture bought there is just to move in and enjoy your new holiday home in beautiful Turkey.
However , there are some practical things that it really should be kept in mind .
Otherwise, you soon will spend your holidays taking care of practical tasks instead of relaxing quality time in the pool.

Electricity Consumption of electricity must of course be paid , and this is processed through the consumption recorded in the meter associated with your property and registered in your name .
Electric bills can be paid via personal appearance at the local electricity office , or by setting the automatic payment service via your Turkish bank account.

Please keep in mind that in case you do not have money in your Turkish bank account to pay the electric bill , bank will terminate payment service agreement automatically and it must be restarted manually. It is not enough just to put money into the account.

Water There are a little different systems from municipality to municipality. A small number of municipalities have system where consumption of water purchased in advance through a small plastic card that is inserted into the water meter after which the quantity purchased water can be used .
In the most places this works as with electricity bills and you get a bill based on the reading of your registered water meter.

Please remember that not all municipalities and regions offer the possibility of payment of water bill through the bank's payment service. In that case the bills will only be paid manually at the municipality.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The dream home in the first line

Who does not dream of living in a penthouse apartment in first line to the water? Now there is a for chance that, and then even at a price which is possible to live with.

This is due to the Danish vendor that has decided to lower the price considerably because he wants a sale within the very near future.

The penthouse is located in the complex "Pearl" in Mahmutlar, and although the property is located in the very first line of the beach and the Mediterranean Sea, there exists nevertheless a lovely large pool.

Similarly, there is plenty of space in a total of three bedrooms and a combined living room-kitchen.

See more photos and the complete sales presentation here ....

Saturday, January 25, 2014

We all are winners here

At 2Base we can happily regularly welcom new homeowners :-)

Some trades are easy , others need work a little more . Sometimes we find easily a home for the customer , other times it takes many attempts.And then there are the situations where we manage to tie many loose ends together. These are the trades we are most happy about . Not because it's the easiest trades , but because it is the act that can only be implemented because of knowledgeable staff , experience and the right timing combined.

A good example is our new customers in Mountain Residence in Alanya . They already had for many years had a home in Alanya, but because of the new construction they lost the view. They did not want to sit with two homes at once , nor to pay an excessive amount to change .

In Mountain Residence we managed to find a home that not only lived up to their claims of view, but they also could trade for a reasonable price. Finding a vendor that is not only interested in a cash transaction but also a trade-off, is not easy. Our excellent network and portfolio of homes do , however, that we are often able to offer this unique opportunity .

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New tempting apartments in Alanya

A splendid way to survive the snow and the winter: to explore our latest units. There are options to all wishes - and wallets.

Görgülü Apartments

If you are looking for an appartment , which is ready to move in, near the city center AND with 3 bedrooms, we recommend this unit in Mahmutlar.

Riviera Star

If daily purchases' availability is important to you, you might be interested in this appartment just next to Alanyum shopping center.

Emin Bey

Straight from the gate of this complex you are able to reach the heart of Oba.

Two villas for sale

If the budget makes no limits, you can purchase these luxurious villas and invite the whole family to visit at one time.

In case you didn't find your new holiday home among these examples, you are always welcome to check all our units on our web site....