Saturday, December 16, 2017

Obtaining deed got even faster + new payment procedures for electricity

To obtain the title deed for your Turkish holiday home is a swift and pretty straightforward procedure. 

Not that we recommend anyone trying to do this themselves, but for those of us doing this on a daily basis the rules, regulations and procedures are fairly easy to deal with.

And now a new update to the Turkish laws has made it even simpler. 

As you can see on the picture it was a front page story in the local press.

Previously any building needed to be approved for sale to foreigners by the Turkish military. 
This to prevent foreigners buying property in zones of military interest, land zones or other restricted areas where foreigners can not buy a property.

In Alanya for example this has always been a pro forma process, since there are no such restricted areas.

Most building already had the approval but sometimes a property was sold in a building that never got this military approval and so we had to apply for this which would delay the entire title deed process for several weeks.

Good news is that all such restrictions has been removed from the Alanya area and the military permission is no longer needed for foreigners in any building in the area.

Be aware of new procedures for paying electricity

And now what we have your attention please be aware of a minor but important change that electricity company CLK Akdeniz has implemented.