Thursday, July 1, 2021

Updated guide for 2021: Discover new places in Alanya

After many, many month that somehow turned into years Alanya is now slowly getting back to normal.

Flights are commencing, beaches are again crowded and restaurants are open.

It is so nice to see some activity again in Alanya. 

Also in our office activities are picking up and we get daily visits from both new and existing customers.

Our goal is to make everybody's stay in Alanya as pleasant and nice as possible. 

So couple of years ago we made a magazine with a guide to our best recommendations for places to eat and hang out.

We called it "Recommended by 2Base" and the idea behind was quite simple.

Everyone from 2Base would gather to make a list of their favorite places. 
No matter the size, location or style. 

Only criteria was that it should be a place that at least one person from our 2Base team would recommend and use themselves.

We just updated the magazine with our latest recommendations. 

Some places have been removed and some new places found its way into the magazine.

Click the picture above or this link to access the magazine.

We wish you the best luck in trying out new things.

Have fun and enjoy!