Saturday, March 17, 2018

About colored stickers and elevators

For those of you who has recently been in an elevator in Turkey, we are sure you have noticed the colored sticker seen inside most elevators.

But what does the different colors mean and exactly what are they symbolizing?

That is a good question, so we did a little research on elevator controls for your safety.

All elevators must be regularly checked to ensure that they are all safe to use.

The faults detected in these controls are classified into red, yellow, green and blue according to their degree and a visible label is affixed inside the elevator cabinet.

Red Label
If the irregularities identified and labelled as red are not corrected within 30 days, you will risk that your elevator will be sealed off by the municipality.

Yellow Label
Less serious faults that must be corrected within a period of 60 days.

Blue Label
For defects labelled blue there is a period of 12 month of corrections.

Green Label
The green label means that no defects what so ever has been found and that your elevator is in a perfect condition.

If the elevator has not yet been asesed and no labels are seen, you should contact an authorized elevator company as soon as possible and request your elevators to have periodic inspection carried out.

Finally we want to remind you that using the stairs now and is very healthy and recommendable no matter what color the sticker of the elevator is...