Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Beautiful pictures from Alanya - Join us on Instagram

Here at 2Base we love a good picture. 

And most of all we love a good picture that is related to our beautiful Alanya. 

Beach, sunset, a fantastic pool area or from some of our many fantastic sights.

So finally we have decided to collect the very best of them on our brand new Instagram profiles.

We hope that you share our live for nice pictures and wants to join us.

To make it even better we have dedicated Instragram profiles for each of the following languages.

- 2Base on Instagram in English

- 2Base on Instagram in Finnish

- 2Base on Instagram in Turkish

- 2Base in Instagram in Danish

And since we do not publish the same pictures on each account everyday, you can easily follow us on more than one profile if you prefer.

In case you do not have instagram, you can still see all of our beautiful pictures be clicking the links above.

Are you already using Instagram then clicking the link will take you to our profile where you hopefully will choose to like our pictures and of course follow us :-)

See you on Instagram!