Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer time is reminder time

Today the thermometer is crawling up and passing 25 degrees. Or in other words: Yes, summer is here.

Summer time is also reminder time, so here are a few.

Pool reminders
This can not be said enough, so please obey the following basic rules.
- Respect opening hours of the pool. If the pool is accessible at night time, please be absolutely quite when swimming.
- Try not to bring glass bottles to the pool area. Bring cans or plastic bottles.
- Do not swim after drinking alcohol.
- Only enter the pool in clothes made of fabric that are meant for swimming. No cotton products and no daily clothes .
- Pay attention to others.  
- Report any issue directly to the administrator.

Do not stream if you are told not to do so
Streaming services such as Spotify (music), Netflix (movies) and IP TV (tv
channels) and other are becoming more and more popular. These services 
are handy and easy to use, and can often be used all over the world.
This also means that you can use these services while on holiday.
Just there is one problem. These services are using the Internet, and most
complexes do not have the bandwidth (speed) to deal with these services.

In many complexes the boards have explicitly asked residents not to
stream or download using the common internet lines, since the speed of
these lines are often not sufficient.
We kindly ask everyone to respect these requests. Please also note that Skype (phone) can be used at all times, since the data usage is fairly low when using Skype or other VOIP programs.

Letting and selling: Now is the time
In case you are considering either selling or letting out your holiday home, now is the time to take the final decision.
2Base & My2Base can assist you in both matters. Please contact us for more information.

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