Monday, November 1, 2021

The busy times are back!

Last couple of month have been very busy. We have actually had so much to do, that a college recently look at me and said ...

"I can no longer do this".

I was said with a smile on his face and of course could sell yet another property.

We have had days where the phones have been ringing constantly, where we did not have sufficient cars for driving customers and where emails where answered after dinner time.

We still feel the busyness and are grateful or the interest what we feel from new buyers, sellers and existing customer that again are coming to Alanya to enjoy the weather, beautiful nature and good food.

Customers from countries such as Germany, Turkey, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Austria, Ukraine, Holland and United Kingdom have bought property.

That also means a lot of happy sellers, of which the majority is actually sad that they have to sell their holiday home in Alanya.

Unfortunately circumstances such as economy, family and health are not always within our control.

So our message to all of you are ....

Do you consider to buy or sell a holiday home in Alanya then do not be afraid to let us know.

There is again so many things going on in Alanya, new and exiting properies are being included in our portfolio and generally the interest for property in Alanya and Turkey is on the rise.