Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Two villas for sale together

For those, who are looking for a haven for your family , we have just received a very interesting offer.

These two stunning villas are sold together.
The villas share a communal pool and garden area.
- Large bed rooms with double beds and large balconies with stunning sea views
- 3 spacious bathrooms , spacious roof terrace of approx. 35 m5 with 180 degree views of Alanya and the sea 
- floor heating and air conditioning in every room
- elegant stucco ceilings with indirect lighting
- delicious Scandinavian inspired kitchen with bar / cooking island and luxury white goods
- American fridge which is linked to " Clean Water System " to ensure safe drinking water and ice cubes
- washing machine with integrated dryer
- professional alarm system and video surveillance '
- intelligent lighting with special contacts throughout the house
- satellite system including 10-12 Danish TV channels
- TV jack in every room and living room, kitchen / dining area
- wireless Internet connection
- generally good storage , wardrobe and cupboard facilities

Monday, November 18, 2013

New map showing plot locations is available

The authorities have started developing a new map where the local city plan is shown.

With this map you can now see the location of individual plots, schools, parks, roads and much more.

The map currently only covers areas belonging to Alanya Municipality, but it is expected that areas outside Alanya Municipality will be included soon.

The map is accesible to everyone via the addres:

So should you be so lucky to live in or around the city center, go ahead and try to find your own plot...

Friday, November 8, 2013

What's New?: This is.....

Recently some very exiting and price worthy units have been added to our portfolio. These units offers opportunities to both buyers looking for smaller and inexpensive units as well as those wanting larger and more luxurious holiday homes.

In the popular Elite 4 we know have a few units for sale. Elite 4 is extremely well situated in the heart of Cikcilli, a quite and peaceful area.
From the complex have have walking distance to literally everything.

Should you want a more remote location with easy access to some of the best beaches in the area we can recommend Kamma Penthouse in Avsallar. This apartment is situated app. 1 hours drive from the airport and also close to the golf courses in Belek. The unit is spacious and with a faboulous view.
The pool area is situated in a small garden, which makes it very cozy and friendly.

In Flower Garden II we have included a luxurious penthouse in our portfolio. Actually there is not much to say about this unit, it has to be seen. A good start could be to take a look at the pictures at our website....

In Elite Country Club we have found one of our new favorites. Simply because this is one of the nicest units we have seen in a long time. The apartment is cozy, has a great balcony and is modern furnished. The complex offers everything you could possibly ask for and the best beaches are just a short walk away.

In case you are on  a budget then take a look at Sultan III. Normally 2 bed rooms, large balconies, view and a complex with spa pool, sauna and gym are not reachable with a tight budget. But in Sultan III it is.
The complex is located app. 1500 meter from the sea, but if that is not an issue then you will get everything else for a lower price than you could ever dream of....

Finally we will end our tour of newly added properties with two units in the very heart of Alanya.
Do you need a lot of space then take a look at this penthouse, situated close to the market area just north of the city center.
Is two bed rooms enough then we would suggest this unit, just 5 min. walk from the Atatürk Statue and the main street.

Remember that you can follow all news about property in Turkey at our website...

We wish everyone a happy hunting for the dream property....

Minor change - major effect

A minor change in the Turkish lap legislation has just been completed and implemented in these days of practice on title deed offices throughout Turkey.

And although it's a minor change , it will have a major effect on the foreigners who plan to sell or buy property in Turkey.

The change means that, where foreigners former typically had to wait 2-4 months before they could be issued with title deeds , so will wait for the future now be as low as only 7-14 days.

It is therefore once again become even more attractive to trade property in Turkey :
 - Buyer can obtain legal ownership shortly after the conclusion of the trade
- Seller may have released the purchase price much faster
- As a broker , the whole process and trade procedures are completed within a few weeks , instead of the previous several months.

Similarly, the number of countries whose nationals are NOT able to acquire real estate in Turkey sharply curtailed .
Per today it is only citizens of Israel , Armenia and Syria who can not acquire real estate in Turkey.

Background: In Turkey , a property must have a military approval before it can be transferred to a foreigner. This authorization has been issued by the military authorities in the respective regions in Turkey , and this has typically taken between 2-4 months per property / housing .
In the future, this military authorization will be issued by the local authorities.
The only prerequisite is that the property / land register in which the residential / apartment is located , has already received a permit from the military authorities , and that this authorization has been issued after 2011.
Or to put it another way : In case on a plot of land has been issued a deed to a foreigner by the year 2011 , which of course has required that the property has received military approval , then this military approval " will be recycled " the future of the local title deed office. Thus there is no need to apply again from the military authorities .

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Friday, October 11, 2013

This week versus next week - the holiday battle

So it is once again holiday time in Turkey, and even if it does not have much to do with us as a real estate agent, there are still a few things to consider...

Office is closed
At 2Base we will be away from Tuesday and rest of the week. We will of course be available via phone, email and chat, but do expect replies to be a bit slower than usual. This also means that unless you have made an appointment, we will NOT be available at the office.

Shops and public institutions
Most shops will be closed as of Tuesday and then for 2 or 3 days. Banks, schools and other public institutions will be closed most of the week. This includes title deed office and other places related to property owners.

Remember that Tuesday is the day where the animals are slaughtered. This takes place in designated areas controlled by the authorities. Slaughtering at home, in your back yard or on the street is not allowed.

We wish everyone an iyi bayramlar

PS: Below you can have a look at the meeting activity at 2Base for this week compared to next week. We also wish a happy holiday for our busy and hard working colleges.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Just getting your property listed will not get it sold

Selling your holiday home abroad is not just about agreeing with a real agent and getting him to add your unit to his property listings.

Both estate agents and homeowners need to understand that selling a property in your home country and selling a holiday home abroad is two very different things.

Today we will take a look into what you as a home owner trying to sell your holiday home abroad can do to attract more buyers, and ensure that those who actually visits and view your apartment will get the best impression of it.

One of the most important differences between buyers looking to buy in their home country, and buyers looking to invest in a holiday home abroad is that abroad your holiday home gets just one shot.

When buying an apartment or villa in their home country buyers often visit and revisits the units for their choice. 

But when buying abroad buyers tend to visit the units of their interest just once, and immediately make up their mind whether the like the unit or not.

This is mainly due to the fact that when buying abroad, it time that buyers have available is limited, since they often just have one week of holiday to view units, decide on what they like, agree with seller, sign the contract and get all the practical details sorted out.

So knowing that you will have only one shot to convince the potential buyers to choose your unit, it is important to optimize everything that can work in your favor.

Because just getting your property listed will not get your property sold.

Also do not forget that the buyers are often feeling a bit insecure since they are not only investing a great deal of the money, sometimes even all they have, but they also do it in a foreign country where they most likely do not speak the local language or fully understand local laws, rules and requirements.

So it does not take much for a potential buyer to get scared away, just another reason for you as seller to keep an eye on every little detail and optimize everything possible.

Here is what you should do...

Does your holiday home appear tidy and clean?

And by tidy we mean absolutely 100 percent clean and tidy! No shampoo bottles in the corner of the shower, no slippers in the entrance, no visible jackets or other clothing hanging in the hall area.

No personal items visible at all. And we mean at all...

Get rid of toothbrushes, food in the fridge, tennis rackets, ironing boards, kitchen towels, old socks and other personal items. Lock it into a cupboard or a storage room.

The possible buyer should not get a sense of you and your family when entering your holiday home. He should get at sense of himself and his family moving into their new dream home.

Finally the unit must of course be clean, pay special attention to bathrooms and kitchen and always remember to keep the toilet cover closed.

Keep lights on
A dark apartment never appears appealing. Keep therefor all lights on and turn only the main switch off. Then your estate agent will be able to turn on all lights by just turning in the main power switch.

All paper work must be clear and transparent
Make sure that all paperwork is transparent and clear. In case your home needs for instance a habitation certificate, be sure that you have it.

Be sure that all bills related to water, electricity, property tax, owners union and so on is paid and settled.

If no other option: Use your least important room for storing

Sometimes you will need to store your balcony furniture inside of your holiday home.
Ideally the estate agent should move these out on the balcony before viewing with clients. But we do not always live in an ideal world, and often the estate agent will not be able to pre-visit your apartment before presenting it to clients.

So in case you need to keep for instance balcony furniture inside the apartment, keep them in the least important room. This would normally be the bedroom. In case your apartment has several bedrooms choose the least (smalles?) attractive bedroom and use it for storage.

Never use the entrance area, living room or kitchen area as storage area.

And of course first try to store all your items in cupboards, under the bed or other places that will not spoil the general impression of the apartment.

Make buyers want to sleep in you bed room
Making your bedroom look modern and appealing can make a big difference. Avoid old-fashioned bed sheets such as bed sheets with flowers or other that is normally being considered as old fashioned.

Keep it in a modern style, nice and simple and place a couple of nice pillows on top of the bed.

Avoid too many carpets in the apartment since carpets are often considered old fashion.
This goes for both carpets in the living area as well as toilet carpets.

Most buyers do not like carpets, so unless the really fit the apartment they should be removed.

Damages = Forget about it

Forget about selling your holiday home if it has damages. This is fairly simple and straight forward.

If your holiday home has damages of any kind, get them fixed...

Arguing "yes, i promise to fix all damages if you buy" will not get you anywhere other than back to where you were: With an unsold holiday home.

So being a seller can seem like a pretty hard job, since there are many things you need to consider and pay attention too. On the other hand you will also have the chance to influence the chances of selling in a positive way.

We wish you all the best of luck trying to sell your holiday home...

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buy today - pay in two years

In cooperation with Sky Homes Tosmur we are happy to present an offer, that you will not be able to find elsewhere in Alanya.

The short version

Invest in brand new holiday home sold at a very low price.
- Pay 10% when signing the contract
- Repay another 10% of the total buying amount in two years via 24 monthly installments.

- Pay the remaining 80% only after two years.

Or to put it another way: You now have the possibility to invest in a holiday home today, repay 20% in 24 month and pay the remaining 80% only after two years.

Example, holiday home at a price of: 70.000 Euro
A) Deposit 10% paid when signing the contract: 7.000 Euro
B) Repay another 10% in 24 month:  292 Euro per month for 24 month, totally 7.000 Euro
C) Rest payment 80%, to be paid 24 month after signing the contract: 56.000 Euro
D) Total buying price: 70.000 Euro

Who can benefit from this offer?

- Well, basically everyone that are looking to invest in a price worth holiday home in Turkey with attractive payment conditions.

Which additional costs will be added to the buying price?
As buyer you must also pay for registration of title deed, water- and electric meters as well as habitation certificate and notary fees.
These costs are coming to about 1500-2000 Euro depending on the type of property.
Finally you must pay a registration and administration fee of 300 Eur upon signing the contract

Is this not just another way of trying to sell holiday homes that are too expensive?
No, definately not.
Besides the attractive and unique payment conditions the price tag for these properties are extremely competetive.
As interested buyer you can see for yourself by comparing corresponding properties in the same area.

Sky Homes Tosmur are offering properties that has BOTH and attractive price tag AND unique payment conditions.

Why this unique offer, what is it that you are not telling?

Sky Homes Tosmur needs to sell an entire building with almost 30 units.
That is not something that just happens with the blink of an eye.
To kick-start the selling process this offer has been developed in cooperation between 2Base Estate Agency and Sky Homes Tosmur.

There are no hidden conditions or other secrets that we are not telling.

I would like to know more, what can i do?
We would of course be happy to tell you more about this exceptional offer.
Give us a ring, send us an email or use our web site live-chat.


 +44 20 8123 1918
Irland: +353 1 443 3978

Россия: +7 499 703 02 54

Türkiye: +90 242 511 78 99
Suomi: +358 923 163 999                                          
Sverige: +46 8 559 22 302
Danmark: +45 65 74 00 10

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Close to the beach, many rooms and space for the whole family

Kestel is an area of rapid development, and with its location right down to the sea it has become a popular alternative.

We have just received a beautiful, well-appointed and especially large penthouse for sale.

The property has four bedrooms, multiple balconies and a large roof terrace. From the living room / kitchen there is views towards the pool.
The large space, the many balconies and various rooms that there is room for the whole family, and the possibilities are many. For example it is possible both to find shade and sun at any time of the day.

The penthouse is located in the complex Sun Kestel II. It has a delicious pool area and caretaker to take care of daily operations. In the complex there are both European and Turkish owners.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spot Deal Villa

There are offers, good offers and then there are extra good offers.

In the last category we find Zon Villa.

With own pool and extra (private) guest apartment you will find room for the entire family. 

The villa is situated in a quite area just a short walk or bicycle trip from beach and shopping.

If you are not looking for parties and nightlife, but are more into peace, tranquility and lot of square meters, then this villa might be right for you.

This extra ordinary good offer on a villa in Avsallar is only valid for a limited period of time. 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holidays in Turkey - opening hours are changing

The end of the month of Ramadan is celebrated with official holidays in Turkey.

Our office in Alanya is therefor closed from 8th until 11 of August 2013, both days included.

We are still reachable via phone, email and livechat even our response time might be slower than normal. We hope for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Everyone at 2Base and My2Base

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday Village - a veteran who can take on the "youngsters" ...

Holiday Village was one of the first real "holiday villages" which was built in Alanya, at the time when the housing market was brand new and burning hot.

With a little unconventional location in the hills behind Mahmutlar it attracted many precisely because of its slightly REMOTE, nice and quiet location.

That the construction site during construction also developed into the area's biggest and dirtiest mud hole because of winter rain; this is quite another enjoyable story :-)

Despite Holiday Village is older than many of the other resorts in the area, so it is still one of the very best. High quality, a host of amenities and happy owners. In short: everything as it should be!

We have just included a new unit in our portfolio. If you should want to become a homeowner in Holiday Village, chances are there now ....

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Low lira = Cheap to stay in Turkey

Who would not like to have the best value? Most probably all of us would like that ...

And who would also like a trip to Turkey? We believe that most would ..

And here comes the best part of it: As we speak, you get the the most of your hard earned Euros in Turkey.

In short: The low Turkish lira makes it affordable to be a European in Turkey ...

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Latest FACTS about Gazipasa Airport

Here on the blog we have almost made it a sport NOT to write about Gazipasa Airport - mostly because 99 percent of the information that existed about the airport was pure on the basis of rumors.

Especially in the years leading up to the opening of the airport there was almost daily rumors about everything between heaven and earth, but unfortunately  it was exactly that, only rumors.

As you know, the airport is to everyone's delight actually opened, and has developed into a success story.

We hasten therefore with recent FACTS about Gazipasa Airport.
Latest company to operate at the airport is Thomas Cook Scandinavia, opening up a charter service to and from Stockholm.

This means that the following companies are now using Gazipasa Airport:
Thomas Cook Scandinavia, Jet Time, Pegasus, SAS, Corendon, Small Planet, Transavia and Tailwind. 

And for those who are interested, we can also mention the following aircraft types all have landed and taken off from the airport:

Boeing: 737-300, 737-400, 737-700 and 737-800
Airbus: A320 and A319.

Last but not least, it is important to know whither all these planes flying.
Also here we have a little list:

Denmark: Copenhagen and Billund
Netherlands: Amsterdam and Eindhoven
Norway: Oslo 
Sweden: Stochholm and Gothenburg
Belgium: Brussels
Poland: Warsjawa 
Czech Republic: Pardubice
Lithuania: Vilnius 
Finally, Pegasus Airlines flying domestic to Istanbul and from providing services on to 17 destinations in Turkey and 32 abroad ...

We wish everyone a pleasant flight ....

Funny, quirky and interesting facts about Gazipasa Airport:

- The airport's official IATA code is GZP
- The airport was practically finished way back in 1999
- The Turkish company TAV (Tepe Akfen Ventures) responsible for the operation. The company operates among other things Ataturk airport in Istanbul and airports in both Ankara and Izmir
- The parking lot at the airport has officially space for 105 vehicles
- The airport's capacity is 500,000 passengers per year. By comparison, Heathrow Airport in London handling nearly 65 million passengers per year
- The Dutch company KLM was the first to open an international route to Gazipasa. It was the summer of 2011
- Visit Gazipasa Airport's own website.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alanya has grown a little bit bigger

It is now many years since the author of this blog moved to Alanya.
In fact, almost exactly 10 years.
Since then much water has flown into the river (or Dim River) as they say :-).

One of the things that has always been important and have always made Alanya a great place to live, is that the vast majority of developing happens in a positive direction.

Over the last 10 years, the infrastructure improved significantly, shopping opportunities have been multiplied, some administrative things with the government work better, and overall Alanya has - seen through European - become a more modern and Western European place to live.

Over the past few years, the main street of Alanya city center and the area west of Atatürk statue evolved into a little "cafe area" to include "Starbucks" and the Turkish version called "Simit Sarayi".

And now also the area east of Atatürk statue is getting on the ball. So far, this part of the main street mostly been known for McDonalds and MUDO stores. Now, several cafes and small restaurants emerged and made ​​this part of the main street worth exploring.

So for those of you who come in by bus from the east side (Oba, Mahmutlar etc) try to get off a little earlier, and see what the east has to offer.
Among behind MUDO a small shop with even a painter and sells coffee, thus providing an absolutely excellent alternative to canned Nescafe.

Or try
for example chain restaurant Shakespeare, which is always worth a visit.

although it is not always noticed, Alanya city center has actually grown a little bit bigger ....

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Many square meters with a low price

Are you looking for many square meters at a reasonable price? A property that is well furnished with large balconies overlooking the green areas and a pool area for the whole family?

In that case Orange Garden in Tosmur could be a good option for you and your family.

We've got a new unit for sale, even at a price where everyone can join.

For 59,000 euros you get two bedrooms, living room-kitchen, one bathroom, two large balconies and access to an outdoor area which is nice, well maintained and charming.
The location is also within walking distance to beach, town and shopping is just another plus.


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Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer time is reminder time

Today the thermometer is crawling up and passing 25 degrees. Or in other words: Yes, summer is here.

Summer time is also reminder time, so here are a few.

Pool reminders
This can not be said enough, so please obey the following basic rules.
- Respect opening hours of the pool. If the pool is accessible at night time, please be absolutely quite when swimming.
- Try not to bring glass bottles to the pool area. Bring cans or plastic bottles.
- Do not swim after drinking alcohol.
- Only enter the pool in clothes made of fabric that are meant for swimming. No cotton products and no daily clothes .
- Pay attention to others.  
- Report any issue directly to the administrator.

Do not stream if you are told not to do so
Streaming services such as Spotify (music), Netflix (movies) and IP TV (tv
channels) and other are becoming more and more popular. These services 
are handy and easy to use, and can often be used all over the world.
This also means that you can use these services while on holiday.
Just there is one problem. These services are using the Internet, and most
complexes do not have the bandwidth (speed) to deal with these services.

In many complexes the boards have explicitly asked residents not to
stream or download using the common internet lines, since the speed of
these lines are often not sufficient.
We kindly ask everyone to respect these requests. Please also note that Skype (phone) can be used at all times, since the data usage is fairly low when using Skype or other VOIP programs.

Letting and selling: Now is the time
In case you are considering either selling or letting out your holiday home, now is the time to take the final decision.
2Base & My2Base can assist you in both matters. Please contact us for more information.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do not forget your travel insurance

When planning vacation trip it may not come to mind those nasty things that might happen during the trip: Any accidents, illness, etc.

It is very possible, that nothing unpleasant happens.But IF something goes wrong, travel insurance can help you avoid at least the larger economic losses. Hospital charges and especially ambulance flights will make a big dent in each one's wallet .

Proportion to the price of the trip travel insurance seems sometimes expensive. Each will have his own part to examine the options and decide what kind of insurance is the most suitable to your situation. Different companies may have different policy conditions and they are advised to read before making a decision. Policy conditions and affecting prices, such as the insured's age, destination, length of trip and the household's other insurances.
Also, some of the trade union membership  include travel insurance.
In relation to the accident's expenses travel insurance really pays for itself!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2Base upgrades office with new pavement

Improvements are happening all the time in Alanya. Lately the local municipality has started to build pavements at the side streets in the city center.
This has now reached Akmanlar Sokak where our office is located.

So not only do we have one of the best situated offices in the city - we now have an office with pavement :-)

Besides pavement the office has many other useful features available such as coffe, tea, toilet facilities and not to mention skilled and motivated staff that are more than happy to help and assist in both big and small matters.

Welcome at 2Base - we look forward to your visit....

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Loans got even cheaper

Last couple of years it has become more and more popular to finance your Turkish holiday home via a loan in a local Turkish bank.
This has just become even more attractive since the banks have decided to lower several of the service fees significantly.

The process itself is quite smooth and fast since we as your local estate agent will take care of all communication and related paperwork together with the local bank.
This means no hazzle of headache for you as a customer.

In case you invest in a 50.000 Euro holiday home and obtains a loan for half of the purchase price you will have to repay 220 Euro per month in 15 years. Can it get any better?

And we haven´t even mentioned the best part yet. The local banks use the local property as security for the loan. This means that you can become a house owner in Turkey without having any security to show for in your home country.


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Monday, March 11, 2013

General Assemblies & Votes

Spring and early summer is high-season for General Assemblies. This is where decisions for the upcoming year is made, boards are elected and the complex is starting the preparations for the summer season.

These General Assemblies are sometimes quite lively since the residents are not always able to agree about what will be done, when and who will do it.
These disagreements are then settled by voting. Knowing the rules and regulations described in the Turkish Law related to the voting process of owners unions are there for extremely important.
These rules describes how many votes a single person can hold, how many power of attorneys a single person can hold and what kind of majority is needed depending on the type of decision.

Always pay close attention to the following:
- One person can hold a maximum of 1/3 of the total amount of valid votes.
- One person can hold power of attorneys for maximum 5 percent of the total amount of available votes and at the general assembly the person can vote using his own votes PLUS the power of attorneys in case it does not exceed 1/3 of the total amount of valid votes.


A complex has 100 units. The constructor has 40 unsold apartment, the remaining 60 apartments are individually owned. 
At the general assembly all owners are present or represented by power of attorney, making the amount of valid votes 100.
The constructor has power of attorneys from 5 owners. (Which is also the maximum amount of power of attorneys that he can hold).
But when voting the constructor can hold a maximum of 1/3 of the total amount of valid votes, in this case 33.

He can then choose to use 33 of his own votes, or use 28 of his own votes and the 5 power of attorneys.

These rules are described clearly in the laws related to property in Turkey. We strongly recommend everyone with an interest in this subject to study these laws, or at least make sure that the administrator of the complex are familiar with these.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

January Newsletter now available

Our 2Base & My2Base January Newsletter is now available.
Take a look at it here: January Newsletter

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What can we do for you?
As one of the most experienced and respected estate agents specializing in holiday apartments in Turkey we offer you a wide selection of properties and services.
- Best and widest selection of properties from both private sellers and constructors
- High level of honest and reliable information
- Best after sales service such as rental, inspection service and online-shop

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Helsinki Travel Fair 2013

 Nordic Travel Fair 2013 has been held again. This year there were more than 76 000 visitors.
The day before the opening we were organizing the stand in order. Watching the expedition hall a little skeptical, wondering if everything is ready for the opening morning  but of course it worked.

The days of the exhibition our stand was visited by a lot of familiar customers. There were also clients with whom we did not yet met; very pleasant surprises when the names familiar from e-mails or phone got faces.

There were many people  who wanted to know more about either purchasing or renting housing. Some also asked general information about Turkey, in particular in Alanya housing.

I wonder if due to the location of our department (in the corner of corridors) , but many times we were asked to advise the fair guests, who are looking for some specific department. Fortunately we had a map of the exhibition area, from which then together we tried to find the right address!

All in all, the event was very interesting and we want to thank all fair guests. Hope to see you again at forthcoming exhibitions!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

New map feature - find nearest...

We are currently implementing a new map feature on both and

The map will give you an easy overview of what to find in your surroundings as well as nearest supermarked, taxistand, bus stop or pharmacy.

The map function can be tested here: Alanya Park Residence

By clicking the tab "MAP" the map is displayed and by clicking the tab "DISTANCES" the distance to nearest pharmacy, supermarked or beach will be shown as well as distances to city centeres and sights.

The last bits and pieces are still being added and final adjustments are being done. We expect the map to be fully functional end of January.

It will also be possible to use the map in a large full screen version.

Please note that you via the box to the right can choose which categories you want to be displayed on the map.

Also the list of locations currently shown in the map is being updated automatically while you surf the map, and are displayed also to the right.

As we said: Last bits and pieces are still being added and there are more locations to come. Should you know of any interesting location that we should add, then please let us know.

So who will benefit from this map?
For those of you who are already familiar with Turkey, this might be a way to explore and find new areas and sights.

For you who are considering either buying or letting an apartment, the map will be a valuable assistant in the hunt for the exact right apartment. 

In this way also customers that are either selling or letting out their apartment through 2Base & My2Base will benefit from the map.

The new map feature is this years first new feature from us - and more is on its way....

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