Monday, April 15, 2024

Home insurance: What happens when a damage occur?

Many home owners wisely choose to insure their holiday home against damages occuring from water, fire, theft and malfunctions.

But what happens when an actual damage occur and what is the process of solving the issue?

After identifying the damage the insurance company must be contacted. They will ask for pictures and detailed information on the extend of the damage.

The insurance company will then pass on your case to a company that can repair the damage and get an assesment from this company after which they will offer to either do the repairs or pay out a compensation amount to you.

This works quite similar to insurance companies in other parts of the world.

Obviously there might be some difficulties based on language barriers and sometimes the process takes quite a while. But generally speaking the system works well.

The most common types of damages we see are related to "water", such as leaking roofs, water entering apartments due to blocked balcony drain pipes, leaking showers and leaking water pipes.

Remember that 2Base offers an yearly supervision package for your property. Not only will we notice any water damage during our monthly visits to your property, we will also take care of all contact and correspondance with the insurance company on your behalf.