Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Understand your Turkish title deed

When purchasing a property the most important document is without any doubt the title deed, since it proofs the ownership of the property.

In this blog post we will take your through the current procedures for obtaining the title deed as well as explaining what kind of information you find on the printed version of the deed.

We also want to point out very clearly that the printed version of the deed does not hold any other value than the paper it has been printed on.

You can see it as a kind of diploma and should you loose the printed version there will be no consequences.

Even if someone that you do not trust gets hold of the printed version of your title deed, it can not be abused.

The ownership is registered at the land registry office and it is the information in their computer systems that are valid.

Until recently the process of obtaining a title deed was somehow complicated and time consuming.

Luckily things have improved for the better and today the process goes as follows...

Via an online system an appointment for initiating the process is obtained from the land registry office.
Relevant information such as the public evaluation of the property, buyer and sellers personal information etc are collected and handed in to the land registry office.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Getting to Alanya: How to find the best and cheapest tickets

Discussions about flight tickets and how to get the best and cheapest deals is always a hot topic for home owners in Turkey.

Based on our own experience we made this guide which we hope will prove both useful and informative.

Where to fly to...

This is quite simple since there are just two options. Most well-known is Antalya Airport (Airport code AYT) located 120 km west of Alanya with newcomer Gazipasa airport (Airport code GZP and often called Alanya Gazipasa Airport, Antalya Gazipasa or even Antalya Alanya airport so be careful not to mix up between these two airports) located 40 km east of Alanya.

Neither of the two airports has public transportation in direction Alanya.
Instead several airlines offer free or inexpensive shuttle services to and from the airport direction Alanya.

Driving a rental car to Alanya will take you around one hour and 45 minutes from Antalya airport and 30 minutes from Gazipasa airport.
Conditions of the road is good but you need to remember that the traffic in Turkey might be a bit more hectic than you are used to.