Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alanya has grown a little bit bigger

It is now many years since the author of this blog moved to Alanya.
In fact, almost exactly 10 years.
Since then much water has flown into the river (or Dim River) as they say :-).

One of the things that has always been important and have always made Alanya a great place to live, is that the vast majority of developing happens in a positive direction.

Over the last 10 years, the infrastructure improved significantly, shopping opportunities have been multiplied, some administrative things with the government work better, and overall Alanya has - seen through European - become a more modern and Western European place to live.

Over the past few years, the main street of Alanya city center and the area west of Atatürk statue evolved into a little "cafe area" to include "Starbucks" and the Turkish version called "Simit Sarayi".

And now also the area east of Atatürk statue is getting on the ball. So far, this part of the main street mostly been known for McDonalds and MUDO stores. Now, several cafes and small restaurants emerged and made ​​this part of the main street worth exploring.

So for those of you who come in by bus from the east side (Oba, Mahmutlar etc) try to get off a little earlier, and see what the east has to offer.
Among behind MUDO a small shop with even a painter and sells coffee, thus providing an absolutely excellent alternative to canned Nescafe.

Or try
for example chain restaurant Shakespeare, which is always worth a visit.

although it is not always noticed, Alanya city center has actually grown a little bit bigger ....

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