Friday, October 11, 2013

This week versus next week - the holiday battle

So it is once again holiday time in Turkey, and even if it does not have much to do with us as a real estate agent, there are still a few things to consider...

Office is closed
At 2Base we will be away from Tuesday and rest of the week. We will of course be available via phone, email and chat, but do expect replies to be a bit slower than usual. This also means that unless you have made an appointment, we will NOT be available at the office.

Shops and public institutions
Most shops will be closed as of Tuesday and then for 2 or 3 days. Banks, schools and other public institutions will be closed most of the week. This includes title deed office and other places related to property owners.

Remember that Tuesday is the day where the animals are slaughtered. This takes place in designated areas controlled by the authorities. Slaughtering at home, in your back yard or on the street is not allowed.

We wish everyone an iyi bayramlar

PS: Below you can have a look at the meeting activity at 2Base for this week compared to next week. We also wish a happy holiday for our busy and hard working colleges.

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