Saturday, January 25, 2014

We all are winners here

At 2Base we can happily regularly welcom new homeowners :-)

Some trades are easy , others need work a little more . Sometimes we find easily a home for the customer , other times it takes many attempts.And then there are the situations where we manage to tie many loose ends together. These are the trades we are most happy about . Not because it's the easiest trades , but because it is the act that can only be implemented because of knowledgeable staff , experience and the right timing combined.

A good example is our new customers in Mountain Residence in Alanya . They already had for many years had a home in Alanya, but because of the new construction they lost the view. They did not want to sit with two homes at once , nor to pay an excessive amount to change .

In Mountain Residence we managed to find a home that not only lived up to their claims of view, but they also could trade for a reasonable price. Finding a vendor that is not only interested in a cash transaction but also a trade-off, is not easy. Our excellent network and portfolio of homes do , however, that we are often able to offer this unique opportunity .

After an inspection of Mountain Residence the details were agreed and purchase agreement was signed. Here after, we arranged the removal of personal items from the old apartment to the new one . 

Finally was there just to say: Welcome to Mountain Residence and welcome to 2Base . We look forward to serving you and your property for years to come ...

And best of all: Our new clients were referred and recommended to us by another client for whom we had also been able to put a barter able ... This kind of thing makes us really happy and proud ...

Should you also be interested in swapping from your current property to something else, then read more about this opportunity here ...

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