Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to pay the bills

After the contract is signed, the title deed transferred and furniture bought there is just to move in and enjoy your new holiday home in beautiful Turkey.
However , there are some practical things that it really should be kept in mind .
Otherwise, you soon will spend your holidays taking care of practical tasks instead of relaxing quality time in the pool.

Electricity Consumption of electricity must of course be paid , and this is processed through the consumption recorded in the meter associated with your property and registered in your name .
Electric bills can be paid via personal appearance at the local electricity office , or by setting the automatic payment service via your Turkish bank account.

Please keep in mind that in case you do not have money in your Turkish bank account to pay the electric bill , bank will terminate payment service agreement automatically and it must be restarted manually. It is not enough just to put money into the account.

Water There are a little different systems from municipality to municipality. A small number of municipalities have system where consumption of water purchased in advance through a small plastic card that is inserted into the water meter after which the quantity purchased water can be used .
In the most places this works as with electricity bills and you get a bill based on the reading of your registered water meter.

Please remember that not all municipalities and regions offer the possibility of payment of water bill through the bank's payment service. In that case the bills will only be paid manually at the municipality.

Property tax will be paid either annually or semi-annually to the local municipality.

Insurance We recommend all homeowners to take both the compulsory earthquake insurance and home insurance.
These will be paid annually to the selected insurance company.

What happens in case I do not pay? In case electricity and water are not paid, the supply of electricity and water for the home will be cut off. This is done by sealing the meters.

In case the property tax is not paid, interest will be added to the sum and you will not be able to sell the property unless the amount due is paid .
In case the insurance is not paid , then insurance is not valid and will not be captured by an injury.

In case the debt for water, electricity , taxes or other becomes too large , you risk also to be sent to the Turkish debt collection ( called " ICRA " in Turkish) .

Is there anyone who can pay my bills for me ? Yes, there is . At 2Base Estate , we offer our customers an annual service , which includes payment of bills.

That means you do not have to stand in line at the local electricity office or use precious vacation days to make sure that the insurance is paid.

Our service and supervision service is a good solution for those who want to spend time in Turkey for a holiday.

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