Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life has moved outdoors

Spring arrived and in Alanya life is moving outdoor to spacious balconies and terraces. This means that time has come to start the BBQ and start cooking outdoor. But the outdoor kitchen can and should offer more than traditional barbecued food! 

For example, an outdoor oven, which spreads warmth on the patio and enables you to prepare crisp, crunchy pizzas and perfect bread in just a few minutes?

The outdoor grill, with a unique feature which ensures that the meat is grilled in its own juices – unlike stainless steel grates, where the meat is not grilled but roasted?

What about the fire captivates, where dancing, warm flames are a natural meeting place, offering calm, concentration and comfort?

In short Morsø has created a new outdoor concept, which makes outdoor living more enjoyable, more beautiful, more comfortable and more exciting.

And the best of all - you can get it all right here in Turkey. This is the perfect gift for you and your holiday home...

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OLESEN LTD. ŞTI (speaks both English, Scandinavian and Turkish)
Şirinyalı Mah. Lara Cad. 1506 Sk.
Manolya Apt. No:16/5
07100 - ANTALYA
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