Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Looking back and forward

New year is the absolute best time for looking back at the year that passed and more importantly to take a look into the crystal bowl trying to predict the year to come.

Where evaluating the year that passed is an easier task, predicting the future can be pretty hard and eventually it comes down to advanced guessing.

Nevertheless, this is what we intend to do.

Lets first take a look at the year that passed. How was it?

If the question would be addresses to our colleges in customer service they would tell you the this.

Working with the newly privatized electricity company has been quite a challenge.

Paying electric bills has become much more difficult due to ineffective working procedures at the electricity company. In the same time electric meters are shut down as soon as bills are not paid.
Luckily we have found a smart solution to this problem and we expect a lot less issues in this area for the new year

Procedures for applying and issuing title deeds run pretty smooth

Most title deeds are issued no more than a couple of weeks after application has been filed. This is a huge improvement compared to recent years waiting time.

In the sales department we have had a mix of customers from all over. The amount of local clients keeps increasing which is very positive.

Dealing with local clients is so different from selling to European clients.

Why you might wonder? Well, let us just say that the mentality is different from what we as Europeans are used to.

Also the local market is very sensitive to exchange rates between Euro and Turkish Lira since salaries and loans for local Turkish are both in Turkish Lira, while most of the properties sold are in Euro.
And since the Turkish Lira has been moving both up and down, so has the sales.

Another trend in 2014 was property swapping

A lot of our clients are looking to upgrade their holiday home experience in Turkey and swapp their current apartment into something better and bigger.
This is of course only possible if the seller is ready to take buyers existing apartment as party payment. And that he is only ready to do, in case that apartment then can be sold again within a reasonable time.
Luckily 2Base has both the qualified and skilled staff and the network to make all this happen. This year we have done more property swapping than ever and it has been a great success...

So what is up in 2015?

Well, if we really knew we would not tell :-)
But here is what we think will happen….
- The Russian market will take a hit and both Russian property buyers and tourists will decrease. All because of the weak Russian Rubble.
- The local Turkish market will keep growing
- The summer will be hot
- 2Base will continue being the most innovative and service minded estate agent in Alanya
- Gazipasa Airport will continue to grow with more flights and more destinations

At 2Base we will continue to do what we have always done.
Selling and customer service hand in hand.

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