Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Julio & Ricky, heavy traffic and properties at the river

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another update on what is happening in and around Alanya!

Do we even have to mention the sun, the blue sky and the cooling and crystal clear Mediterranean? Of course not, so we wont :-)

Julio & Ricky is heading for the Expo: This is not the first time we mention Expo Antalya but since new acts and activities are constantly added to the events calendar we feel like reminding everyone about the opportunities at the expo

Coming up are concerts with both Julio Iglesias and Ricky Martin. So head over to the event section of the Expo web site, take a closer look at what is available and get your tickets now.

See the full events calendar here: http://www.expo2016.org.tr/en/expo-2016/events-calendar

Besides that the expo area itself is of course open all day long and offers a wide range of activities for all ages.

Dont be late for check-in: During the last couple of month there has at times been heavy traffic coming into Antalya airport

This and tighter security at the airport has often made the journey to and from the airport take significantly longer time than usual and there has even been reports of people leaving their cars and taking the last couple of kilometers in foot in order to make it to the check-in desk on time.

Currently the situation seems to be back to normal, but it is still worth the while to pay just a little extra attention to this. 

So to be on the safe side we recommend everyone to leave just a little earlier than normal and to check the traffic situation on Google Maps.

Shuttle bus to Antalya and Gazipasa airports. In case you take a regular flight with airlines such as Pegasus or Turkish Airlines there is a big chance that you can also use their free shuttle services between airport and your destination

This is often not very well promoted but is a cheap (free actually) and comfortable way to get to your holiday home.

Recently also Turkish Airlines started to offer free shuttle service from Alanya to Antalya airport. 
Always check the latest schedule before your journey as they might change but currently the times tables are as follows:

Gazipasa airport: http://www.gzpairport.com/en-EN/Transportation/Pages/havas.aspx

Turkish Airlines, Antalya: http://www.jokerturtas.com/thy.html
Pegasus, all airports: https://www.flypgs.com/en/travel-services/other-travel-services/airport-transfer
Atlas Jet, all airports: http://www.atlasglb.com/fly-and-bus-en/

All busses used are new, modern and with air conditioning.

Properties with a perfect location close to sea, city, river and mountains 

Enough about airports and busses. Lets talk about something far more interesting and take a look at some of the best properties located within a few meters of the Dim River.
For those of you who do now know the Dim River, we can tell that the Dim River flows into the Mediteranian and seperates the area of Tosmur and Kestel. The river is known for its cold and clear fresh water and is a popular spot for a picnik on a hot summer day.

Here is a selection of three different properties located along or close to the Dim River.
To find out more about each property and view all picture and informations just click the pictures.

Riverside Resort


Elit Kestel


VIP Tosmur


I am curious but want to take it step by step. At 2Base we do always allow our customers to take their time and move forward with a speed that makes them feel comfortable

Our recommended way of proceeding is this:
- Surf our web site, find the properties that triggers your interest and order a free sales presentation from the web site.
- Take your time to go over the informations in the sales presentation carefully
- After ordering a sales presentation you will also receive our buyers guide. Again we recommend you to carefully read through the entire buyers guide.
- At this point you will have a designated contact person from 2Base. Give this person a ring or send us an email explaining about your wishes and thoughts. We will then assist you according to your wishes and needs and look forward to showing you as many properties as it takes until you have found the one that is right for you and your family.

This was it for now, take care out there and hope to see you soon in Turkey...

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