Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alanyas new ring road is on its way

The last couple of years Turkey has started to invest heavily in new infrastructure. 
Most notably are the new tunnel and bridge across Bosphurus in Istanbul and the construction of a new mega airport that will replace the existing and already pretty big Atatürk Airport.

Also in Alanya there are some new projects underway and one of the most exiting - but not so much talked about - is the new ring road.

The current ring road is known as the 35 meter road, presumably because it is 35 m wide. This road starts at the entrance of Alanya at the Dinek/ Luna Park area and ends just before the Dim River in Tosmur.

The new road is known as the 50 m road and construction is on-going as you read this. Interestingly enough there is not much public information available about the road, but here is what we know so far.

The road will start just west of the public hospital "Devlet Hastanesi" which is approximaetely where the 35 meter road and the 25 meter road joins. 

Construction is being done in two stages. Stage one brings the road from Alanya to Kargicak, stage two from Kargicak to Gazipasa.

The start of the road is west of Devlet hastanesi from where the road will continue via the northern part of Cikcilli and cross the Dim river on bridge approximately two kilometers from the beach road. 

Immediately after the crossing of the river the road will continue to Kestel via a tunnel.
The work to excavate the tunnels are currently work in progress.

After reaching Kestel and Mahmutlar on the northside of each area the exact path is currently not known.

But what will this mean to Alanya?

We all know and see ourselves that traffic in and around Alanya is getting heavier and heavier.
This new ring road will be warmly welcomed and heavy traffic moving around Alanya will now be able to do so without disturbing residential areas.

The beach roads will still be busy so apartment owners living on the first line will still have to live with quite some noise from the beach road between Alanya and Kargicak.

But much of the heavy traffic and trucks will now be moved away and the traffic on the 25m, 35m and the beach road will surely be less crowded and stressful.

Stage one of the road is planned to open in 2017, so we keep our fingers crossed and hope that there will be no delays.

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