Friday, February 3, 2017

Getting to Alanya: How to find the best and cheapest tickets

Discussions about flight tickets and how to get the best and cheapest deals is always a hot topic for home owners in Turkey.

Based on our own experience we made this guide which we hope will prove both useful and informative.

Where to fly to...

This is quite simple since there are just two options. Most well-known is Antalya Airport (Airport code AYT) located 120 km west of Alanya with newcomer Gazipasa airport (Airport code GZP and often called Alanya Gazipasa Airport, Antalya Gazipasa or even Antalya Alanya airport so be careful not to mix up between these two airports) located 40 km east of Alanya.

Neither of the two airports has public transportation in direction Alanya.
Instead several airlines offer free or inexpensive shuttle services to and from the airport direction Alanya.

Driving a rental car to Alanya will take you around one hour and 45 minutes from Antalya airport and 30 minutes from Gazipasa airport.
Conditions of the road is good but you need to remember that the traffic in Turkey might be a bit more hectic than you are used to.

Several travel agencies and transfer companies offers both group and private transfers, which must be booked before arrival but at a much lower price than the airport taxis.

Private transfers can also be booked via our onlineshop

Direct or with a stopover

Everyone prefers a direct flight but sometimes a stopover is necessary. 
At times reasonable priced tickets includes a stopover, at other times there might not be any direct flights from your home town.

The stopover normally takes place in Istanbul which has two international airports (currently construction on a 3rd international airport in Istanbul has started, but it wont open any time soon) with the Atatürk Airport being the biggest and most well-known and the Sabiha Gökcen Airport being the smaller but still very well-equipped alternative.

Airlines from Turkey

Several airlines from within Turkey can fly you in. 
We all know Turkish Airlines and the name says it all and the company is by far the biggest player in the Turkish aviation sector.
Alternative companies are Pegasus, Atlas Jet and Sunexpress which are all worth checking out.

Airlines from Europe

This list might get pretty long and depend on which country you live in so we wont mention any names. 
Instead lets take a look at how you find the tickets sold by European airlines.

Regular flights

Many European airlines offer regular flights to Turkey as a part of their program. 
These tickets can either be booked via the company web sites or found via search engines that are specialized in finding flights ticket from a variety of sources.

One of the most popular is and also does the job.

Charter and package holidays

During low-season ordering a package holiday which includes both flight, transfer and accommodation can be cheaper than just ordering the flight ticket itself.
Home owners can take advantage of this and stay in their own holiday home instead of the designated hotel.

Flight only

Not all charter companies will sell flight-only tickets, but some do. 
Often these tickets will only be available directly from the company itself and not via search engines such as Momondo or Google.

Please be aware that just because a charter company sell one-way tickets from Europe to Turkey, they might not sell tickets the opposite way from Turkey to Europe. 
This has to do with rules and regulations.

Do you know a way to find the best tickets that we did not mention, then let is know and we will update this guide.

Happy flying and hope to see you soon in Turkey

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