Friday, March 31, 2017

Vocabulary for property in Turkey

Even the process is more or less the same, purchasing a property in Turkey is of course different then doing so in your home country.

One of the biggest differences are actually the language since Turkish can be a bit hard to understand for most.

Still a lot of Turkish words are surviving without translation when the topic is property in Turkey which can make if hard to understand exactly what is going on and what the exact meaning is.

This is why we have made this vocabulary for property in Turkey that covers the Turkish words that are often used without being translated.

Kapıcı // Caretaker

Görevli // Also caretaker but a bit more polite

Yönetici // Administrator

Ferdi iskan // Habitation certificate and permission to use the apartment

Ön iskan // Approval of the building permission and that all authorities involved have approved the building.

Sigorta // Insurance

Belediye // Municipality

Tapu // Title deed

Tapu ofisi // Land registry office

Ipotek // Mortgage

Aidat // Owners union fee

Uydu // Satellite dish

Vergi dairesi // Tax office

Kara defteri // Decision book and protocol book

Oy // Vote

Vekalet // Power of attorney

Iki tane soğuk Efes, lütfen // Two cold Efes beer, please. The perfect way to celebrate a successful property investment.

Are some words missing from the list? Then send us a message and we will add it immediately..

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