Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Certified agents are not always competent

Lets be honest!

To establish a real estate agency in Alanya does not require a lot. Neither any higher education nor special skills or requirements are needed.

Only demand that you must fulfill is to complete an evening training course, which takes no more than a couple of weeks.

So it is far from a comprehensive education to teach you about important subjects such as buying contracts, financial security of the payment or guidelines for moral and ethics as an estate agent.

Not that long ago we actually had an interesting experience where the responsible person for issuing licenses for estate agents in Alanya proudly told us about all the good he had done for the sector in Alanya which was making it even easier to get the permission to open a real estate agency and get the needed license.

In our opinion he should have spend his time and influence by securing and highering the quality of the sector but it shows how unfortunate the entire sector and agents are thinking - which is thinking of themselves and not of you as a customer.

This has created an overflow of authorized estate agents in Alanya but a lack of those who are competent and qualified.

At 2Base we believe that it pays of to be a bit different and we always think of the customer before thinking of ourselves. 
We believe this will end up securing us more sales and more customers.

But how do you choose the right estate agent in Alanya when not even a real estate certificate will guarantee you a qualified and competent agent?

We suggest that you take a look at some of the following factors.

Company or private person
Is the estate agent a part of a company with an office and colleges, or is the person working more as a private person? 
We recommend you to only use agents that are a part of a company with access to an office (as in his own office and not just an office that he "borrows" from a friend just for the occasion) and by that also an organization that can assist, help and support the estate agent during the entire process.

Does the estate agent and his company have good references and do you know others who did also use this agent and his company?

If English is not your mother tongue or you do not fell completely comfortable communicating in English you should use an agent that speaks your mother tongue.

Do you automatically receive the information that you need or are you only informed when asking? 
Make sure that your estate agent is informing you from A to Z and that you dont have to ask for everything all the time.

Here are a couple of examples on information that you should always get in written and without having ask.

- Sales presentation of the property.

- Financial overview of the property including an overview showing all expenses and trade costs.

- Overview that shows how the trade will progress and what the time line is.

- Buyers guide that will inform you about all general aspects of buying a property in Turkey.

Gut feeling
Take a deep breath, use your common sense and ask yourself the question: What does my gut feeling tell me about the agent and would i trust this person if we where to do business in my home country?

We are often contacted by property buyers who have been offered properties from waiters, jewelers or persons who themselves think they are competent estate agents.

Usually none of them are and the buyer feels this and contacts us so that a professional company can be involved in the trade.

Unfortunately we are sometimes also contacted by those who did not contact us from the beginning and therefor ended up in problems and now wants our help to solve their problems.

When it comes to choosing an estate agent in Alanya you must be very critical and only deal with agents that you absolutely trust and who besides talking can also put actions behind their words.

Unfortunately it is not enough that the agent is authorized and holds a real estate license. 

You must also make sure that the person is competent.

When that person is found the way to your dream property has become a lot easier...

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