Friday, April 20, 2018

Alanya is the city of playgrounds

Families with children love Alanya. 

The climate here is perfect for both smaller and bigger children and the list of activities for children is long and exiting.

For older children we have go-carting, paintball, cinema, tree climbing (parkour), ATV excursions and much more.

Younger children will surely enjoy all the playgrounds in and around Alanya. 

Last couple of years the municipality has put a lot of work into building small parks with playgrounds all around Alanya. 

As a foreigner you should not be afraid to take advantage of this, even if you might be the only foreigner there.

Trust us when we say, that the local parents and kids will be more than happy to see a foreign face on their playground.

Even playgrounds might not meet European safety rules 100% it is very close and generally speaking the equipment and facilities are safe and extremely well looked after. 

So next time you visit Alanya with a kid try out the local playground - we are sure you will like it.

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