Friday, February 3, 2023

What is the Electricity Usage Fee in Turkey? How is Electricity Bill Calculated?

Starting from September 2022 in Turkey, electricity consumption in 1 kWh is priced at an average of 3.1 TL, including taxes.

The electricity bill cost can be found by multiplying the consumption with the unit price. (EX: 967 kWh x 3.1 = 3.063 TL) It may seem complicated, but it's actually just a simple multiplication operation.

For you, we have researched the average consumption cost of some electronic items that you use the most on a daily basis.

1 Air conditioner usage for 12 hours a week average 362 kWH
TV usage average of 8 hours in a week is 21 kWh
Refrigerator usage for a week is 29 kWh on average.
1 hour of kettle use in a week is 61 kWh on average

In How Many Days Should We Pay The Electricity Bill?
If the payment is not made within 5 working days after the last payment date, the electricity will be cut off.

Where is the electricity bill paid?

You can pay your electricity bills through mobile banking applications, PTT branches or contracted bill payment points.

As 2Base, we have a special system that we use for our customers, thanks to this system, you do not have to follow up your invoice every month. We keep track of your invoices and make payments when necessary.

This system is not just for electricity. We also follow up and pay for water, internet, tax and insurance payments for our customers.


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