Wednesday, May 24, 2023

What You Need to Know About Title Deed Transfer Procedures for Foreigners ?

Today we will talk about how the deed transfer process is done, the documents required for the deed transfer process and the cost of this process.
How is Title Deed Transfer Processed?
For title deed transfer, the required documents can be uploaded into the system through the Web Land Registry system.
If there are documents from abroad, these documents must be translated and verified with the Apostille legalisation.
Apart from this, an appointment can be made by calling ALO181 or by calling the title deed appointment system.
After that, you will be informed about the next transactions via SMS. If the documents you have submitted are deemed sufficient, you will be notified of the fees and taxes to be paid as well as your appointment time for the finalisation of the transfer of the title deed. Please note that the final stage of actually transferring the deed from the sellers to  the buyers name, takes place via a physical meeting at the land registry office.
Currently there is no such things as a fully online and digital process to finalise the transaction.
There can be many obstacles and conditions that will either delay the process or require special attention and additional documents. A few examples worth mentioning are if the seller of the property is deceased, if the seller has gotten a name change since the property was purchased, if the seller has changed his signature since the property was purchased.
So it often happens that the process is not as straight forward as it may sound.

Buying or Selling Property Before Arriving in Turkey

At 2Base we of course make sure that title deed transactions are done as fast and easy as possible.

We usually get a power of attorney from our customers which allows us to represent our buyers and sellers at the land registry office and other government institutions.
This saves our customers a lot of time and trouble because 2Base will take care of everything on your behalf.

Even if you are in another country, we can complete the title deed transfer procedures on your behalf.

What are the Documents Required in Deed Transfer Processes?

- Original or photocopy of the deed
- Photocopy of the passport
- Document showing the current value of the real estate purchased from the municipality
- Tax number document obtained from the tax office
- DAB (Currency Purchase Document)

Please note that the list above is the standard list of documents required, but often additional documents are requested and needed.

How many days does the deed transfer process take?

After all documents have been submitted, approved and confirmed the final process will usually take between 5-15 working days.
If both seller and buyer are Turkish citizens is usually just takes a few days.
How Much is the Cost of Deed Transfer Transactions?

As of 2023 the tax to be paid is 4% of the official sales price.
Furthermore there is around 6000-6500 TL in extra fees.
As a final reminder please note that all the above information is given and written in general terms. The process, fees and procedures can vary a lot from application to application.
Applying for and following the title deed transaction procedures is not rocket science, but it is also not something that everyone can just do.
It requires knowledge of the process and most importantly experience on how to navigate the system and solve the many small issues that often occur along the way.


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