Monday, September 4, 2023

Hello sellers, this is happening in Alanya

For those of you following the trends of the real estate market in Alanya you have seen how the curve has been only upward over the last couple of years.
During the last quarter of 2022 the market peaked created by a high demand combined with a shortage of properties to sell.
Hence properties that were previously sold at around 75.000 Euro would now sell at 179.000 Euro.
In other words, for some properties prices went up almost 150%.
Since then, the market has slowed down and prices have dropped slightly since the absolute peak around October 2022.
But still we are at a level that doubles the prices over the last couple of years.
Currently there is no shortage of properties in the market and the demand has settled back into a more normal level.
This means that standard key points are back in play and that the market currently is just as much sellers as buyers market.
As a seller you there for again need to pay attention to the following key points:
Properties above market price will not get sold. Some agents will deliberately promise to sell your property for an unrealistic high price, and then later try to make you accept a lower offer at the real market price. Do not fall for this trick.
Your property should look fresh, clean and appealing. Make sure that it is clean and not cluttered with your private belongings, clothes and shoes. Maybe spend a little money doing a fresh-up. Make sure that your agent will help you achieve this.
2Base does and you can read more about it here.
In a normal marked no properties get sold be themselves. They need to be marketed and presented professionally. 
Make sure that professional photo and video presentations are done and most importantly make sure that your agent will market your property. By marketing we mean paid marketing, not just sharing a link on some social media platform.
To sum up, it is still possible to sell your property in Alanya for an excellent price compared to what was possible 3-5 years ago.
But it is not possible to sell for quite as much as end of last year. So expectations must be adjusted to the current market and do not forget that currently as buyer has several alternatives to choose from, so you should always try to make your property as presentable as possible.


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