Saturday, January 19, 2013

Checklist for year 2013

A new year has just begun and for those of you who are already property owners in Turkey it is time to make sure everything is as it should be. 

We made a little checklist which hopefully will prevent unpleasant surprises during the year.

Insurance: Check out when your home insurance on the apartment expires, so that you remember to renew it.

Contribution to owners’ association: Check out when that is due. It is very hard to make to an owners association work, when people do not pay their contribution. In the long run it will show on the quality of the building.

Supervision: If you want automatic bill payment on insurance, taxes, etc. you must check that you are signed up for Supervision Service at your realtor or property manager. For instants did you remember to pay your Turkish property taxes? 

Rental: If you rent out your property please reserve the weeks where you want to use the apartment for yourself as early as possible. Otherwise you risk others have booked the placed in the period where you had intended for yourself.

Residential Equipment: Do you need something for your apartment?
January is a good time to shop since all the shops are full of good bargains. You can easily benefit from buying smaller things like interior decorations, kitchen stuff and other cookware in our own country and then bring it for your next visit.

Joints: It can not be said often enough. Check your joints around the windows and doors so you are sure they are ready for a rainy winter. We've already had a lot of rain, and the start of the new year will be rainy as well.

Ferdi Iskan: Has your property got the required moving in permit, Ferdi Iskan?

Water and electricity meters: Remember to register electricity and water meters in your own name.

Did we forget anything? If so do not hesitate to send us a comment with your suggestions for what is worth checking up on ....

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