Monday, January 21, 2013

New map feature - find nearest...

We are currently implementing a new map feature on both and

The map will give you an easy overview of what to find in your surroundings as well as nearest supermarked, taxistand, bus stop or pharmacy.

The map function can be tested here: Alanya Park Residence

By clicking the tab "MAP" the map is displayed and by clicking the tab "DISTANCES" the distance to nearest pharmacy, supermarked or beach will be shown as well as distances to city centeres and sights.

The last bits and pieces are still being added and final adjustments are being done. We expect the map to be fully functional end of January.

It will also be possible to use the map in a large full screen version.

Please note that you via the box to the right can choose which categories you want to be displayed on the map.

Also the list of locations currently shown in the map is being updated automatically while you surf the map, and are displayed also to the right.

As we said: Last bits and pieces are still being added and there are more locations to come. Should you know of any interesting location that we should add, then please let us know.

So who will benefit from this map?
For those of you who are already familiar with Turkey, this might be a way to explore and find new areas and sights.

For you who are considering either buying or letting an apartment, the map will be a valuable assistant in the hunt for the exact right apartment. 

In this way also customers that are either selling or letting out their apartment through 2Base & My2Base will benefit from the map.

The new map feature is this years first new feature from us - and more is on its way....

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