Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Public transportation to and from Antalya airport

Most people come to Turkey as a tourist. Who have not tried to join what is popularly best known as a package holiday consisting of flight, transfer to a hotel and the possibility of service at the destination,
participation in excursions and much more?

On a package holiday everything is planned and organized. All you have to do is turn up at the airport. When
the plane arrives at the destination travel guides are ready to guide you to the bus, the bus driver
helps you with your luggage and during the trip to the hotel you are even informed about local sights and
how to attend the infamous parrot show together with all your fellow travellers.

And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Package holidays have many advantages, and will outlive us
all. Actually it has already outlived most of the hotels several times ...

But thankfully there is an alternative and as you read this blog, you either have one of them or considering to
get one - a holiday apartment ...

This brings freedom. The freedom to turn down the pool bar, communal
morning gymnastics, welcome meetings and participation in the mandatory Turkish Evening, Mr. and Mrs.
Roberson and their 3 noisy kids at the pool.

The price of freedom is that you have to take care of some of the practical stuff yourself. For example
transportation to and from the airport.

And that's the actual topic of this blog post.

I have during my time visited many locations; actual a test told me that I have visited 8 percent of the world.
And it has brought me to a lot of different airports. And none of them were significantly better than the others.
In Spain it is full of tourists with several tons of luggage blocking your way, in America and Australia it takes
several hours to get through customs because everything must be examined down to the smallest detail, and
in Norway the12 minutes with airport express train to the center of Oslo cost more than the actual plane
ticket to Norway.

But one thing all these airports have in common is public transportation to and from the airport.

Apart from Antalya airport ...

Here the taxis rule and for a staggering sum they will take you anywhere you want. But why is there no public
transport to and from Antalya airport?
I have never encountered an official explanation, so here goes the unofficial explanation: Antalya airport is
operated by a commercial company that has leased the rights to operate the airport and use the airport
buildings. This means they must earn money on airport services, and that they also have only a certain
number of years to make profit, because they can not be sure the get contract extended.
And it is probably more profitable to make a deal with taxis, than letting the local buses – that passes
by on the highway and the entrance to the airport in huge numbers - drive into the airport area.

So what are the options? Here are a few tips for all you who have not booked a package tour:

1: Transfer by charter company:
Often airline tickets can be booked through a travel agency. And even if you do not book hotel, you can often
book a transfer to Alanya. This must usually be done before leaving, ask about it when you book your ticket.
You most likely need to take another bus or a taxi from last transfer stop to your apartment.

2: Private transfer:
There are a lot of smaller companies who arranges private pick up. Some companies have specialized in
this, and car rental companies have this as an extra offer. Price wise this is often much cheaper than airport
If you are a group travelling, this is usually no more expensive than buying transfer through a charter
company. However make sure that companies are serious and have insurance and that their permits in order.
List of companies that offer private transfer: http://sunsearch.info/turkey/alanya/rental-excursions/

3: The newest
Some of the travel agents - like the local Turkish tour operators - has begun to run mini buses a few times a
day to and from the airport. You can then book a seat in one of these. The risk is that the space in the
minibus/car is quite cramped, and the wait can be long as the companies only run a few times a day.
Try for example the travel agent located on the first floor of the intersection at the post office, PTT, in Alanya.
The first time you try this it is a good idea to do it on the Alanya – airport route (not airport-Alanya), and also
to visit the travel agent in person before ordering.

4: The alternative
In case you have the energy, you can walk the 30 minutes from the arrival terminal and out to the highway.
Here you can stop one of the buses that run between Antalya and Alanya.

5: When everything else goes wrong…
Try talking to the travel guides at the airport. Perhaps they have compassion and can take you along on the
bus if you have not booked a seat in advance. They are really not allowed to do so, but it can never hurt to
Remember that there are many other companies than the Scandinavian busses to and from Alanya. Most
travel guides will speak German or English.
In case everything fails the only one thing to do is to bite the bullet and choose ...

5: The expensive soloution (ONLY WHEN THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS)
As in the yellow taxi cars ...

Have a safe journey

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