Monday, February 21, 2011

Do your homework

The other day I heard the story of a proud and happy property owner, who stood on the balcony of his newly purchased holiday home and expressed his excitement over the quiet location of his new home.
The entusiasme lasted until later in the evening, when the nearby clubs and restaurants turned up the music…

Even though this story unfolded itself on the sunny coast of Costa del Sol, parallels to other countries can easily be drawn. This story teaches you that as a buyer you must do your homework.

Examine the areas where you intend to buy a property.
What type of area is it?
Who lives there, what are the shopping opportunities, entertainment options and what are the pros and cons of the area?
How has the development in there area been within the last 5 years and how can you expect it to develop in the next five?

Ask your broker, ask people you meet in the area, search the Internet and not least: Use common sense to separate wheat from the chaff.

And this does not just apply when you are on the look for the right property in the right area. But it also applies when you are trying to find the right home in the right building.

You must ask around, keep your eyes and ears open and last but not least: Do your homework and go on property hunting as prepared as possible.  Print all the information you find or bring your laptop so you quickly can look something when needed.

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