Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If you are thinking about selling

It is no secret that in these days a lot of people want to sell their property. The reasons may be many:  everything from the desire to try something new, financial difficulties or something else ...
No matter the reason, the sellers must accept, the market as it is these days, and a larger loss when selling their house. The fact that this makes the market very attractive to buyers is another matter entirely, and not the topic of this post.

For how do you sell your property in the best way? As a private seller, you have basically three options.
  1. Try to sell the house yourself.
  2. Have your property for sale at as many brokers as possible.
  3. Make a sole agreement with a single broker who can handle all aspects of the sale.

There is no doubt what we recommend: An agreement with a single broker. It will give the broker a bigger motivation to sell and not at least promoting the home without competing with 17 others brokers, who are also trying to sell your home. Because who wants to put a "for sale" signs up at a house, where the are all ready other signs, or throw money into promoting a specific property, when you risk that another broker sells it the day after?
Putting your house for sale at many brokers at the same time is a little like putting yourself between two chairs. Therefore we recommend to give one agency or broker sole rights to selling your property.

At 2Base Estate we have looked at the homes that are sold around end 2010 start 2011, and how we as a broker had a sole agreement on the property.
In average the homes sold after just 84 days on the market, and in average there was only given 2.73 percent if refusal on the market price.
We see this as proof of that it pays of if you as a seller give a broker sole rights to your property.

When you enter into an agreement with a broker you must ensure that:
  • It is in written.
  • Dwelling price and the broker’s commission is clearly described.
  • A clear written agreement on how long the contract runs.
  • The broker will also present your property to his local network of estate agencies. (Check who belong to this so that you are sure the broker actually has a reach and wide variety of other local contacts).
  • The broker makes sure to take professional pictures of the property.
  • The broker puts a "for sale" sign up in case he finds it to be effective for the sale.

Least but not last we wish you good luck with your sale ...

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