Thursday, March 10, 2011

News on the airport in Gazipasa/ Alanya

Most people have heard the story about the airport in the city Gazipasa, a 30 minut drive from Alanya. We now have the latest – verified – news on the airport story. (As always we do not take in all the rumours, because usually they are pretty diffuse and not trustworthy).

During a meeting with the hotel owners in Alanya the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that: “The airport in Gazipasa will never be capable of handling planes with a capacity larger than 60-70 passengers. It is a question of security, and the government will not take on that responsibility (editor’s note: in case the government allows bigger planes and an accident where to happen)”.
This statement caused great furry in Alanya, and many people felt that the authorities and government went back on their promise.

The Secretary of Transportation Binali Yıldırım delivered the same message when he the other day visited Alanya. Asked straight up on the airports chances to handle larger planes he answered:
“Impossible. We do not support decisions that can risk people’s lives. To allow bigger planes to land, there must be build a runway 7 km towards the ocean, or we have to remove the mountains, which is impossible! The airport has been categorized as a ’category 3’, which means that both small and medium sized planes have license to land. The authorities and the government have done what they can for the airport in Gazipasa. Now it is up to the airport itself to negotiate with the travel agencies and plane companies”.

In the mean time the following has happend: The Dutch travel agency Neckermann have confirmed that this summer they will open up a route between Holland and Gazipasa. The flight will be operated by the plane company Transavia, and the planes will hold up to 129 passengers. The flights will purely be sold as packages solutions, and Transavia will not be selling “seats only”. This means that all seats will be sold through Neckermann Holland.

All in all this is positive news for the airport in Gazipasa and for Alanya.

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