Monday, September 29, 2014

Driving from Europe to Turkey

Recent years it has become increasingly popular for holiday home owners with a little extra time on their hands to get in their cars and drive the long way from Europa and to Turkey.

This is a great chance of enjoying some unforgetable moments since the drive from Europa to Turkey offers many different route choices.

In general there are 3 major choices to make when selecting the route.

- Drive via Eastern Europa (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria)
- Drive via Mediterranean coast (Austria, Slovenia, Greece)

- Arrive by boat via Italy

No route is really better than the other but many seems to prefer to avoid travelling via Bulgaria due to several incidents related to theft.

Entering into Turkey it can be a good idea to avoid the heavy traffic in Istanbul and instead head south to the historic very interesting area of Canakkale.

When heading towards Antalya and Alanya - and if times allow it - we can recommend driving the coastal road via Bodrum, Fethiye and Kalkan instead of the faster and more direct route over the Mountains.

When entering Turkey with a foreign registered vehicle this will be noted in your passport, and the vehicle in question must be taken out of Turkey latest 6 month after it has initially been taken into the country.

But it is actually possible to leave the vehicle behind and travel out of Turkey without the car.
This means that you can drive your car into Turkey, stay for lets say a month, leave Turkey and then return 3 month later in order to take your car out of Turkey.

This is a great way of splitting your drive into two, in case you do not feel like driving the long way back to your home country shortly after having arrived.

In order to leave Turkey without bringing you car, you must obtain a permission from the local custom authorities. Most bigger cities have their own custom authorities, and they are often located around the local harbor area.

Until recently you had to leave the car at a special custom area at the airport. This is not longer needed, since you can just leave your car behind basically anywhere after obtaining the needed permission from the local custom authorities.

We wish you all a pleasant drive...


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