Monday, September 22, 2014

Have you noticed the latest changes?

Have you noticed the latest updates to our web sites? 
Well, you definately should because both as well as has received a major overhaul and a new design has been implemented.

The web sites now offers an even better experience with a new modern design. Our picture viewer has been improved and viewing pictures of a particular property is smoother and faster than before.

Also we have implemented a new and really cool "get sales presentation" feature, that allows you to order any sales presentation directly from our web site.

After submitting your e-mail address you will immediately receive an email from which two print friendly variants of the sales presentation can be downloaded to your computer.

Try it our yourself on this new property from Sunset Beach in Konakli.

The feature is also useful for all sellers, who can easily e-mail a sales presentation to friends and family or print the presentation in order to hand it out or hang it where ever it might attract interested buyers.

Finally our web sites are now responsive and provides a pleasant experience from both mobile and tablets. In order to see for yourself, just type from your mobile phones browser....

Comments, suggestions or criticism? Just tell us...

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