Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Power cuts in Turkey and what to consider

The subject for this blog post came up all by itself when our office this morning went from lively and productive to "hey, who cut the electricity?".

As i am writing this blog post a major part of Turkey is without any electricity due to reasons that are currently unknown. 
Flights are grounded, offices closing down and everyone is waiting for the power grid to come back on.

Most people here in Turkey speculate why this has happened and social media are full of speculations and the twitter hash tag #buradaelektrikyok (there is no electricity here) is currently Turkeys most used.

Luckily Internet and mobile phone networks are not affected, but charging devices might be...

We here at 2Base wants to take another approach and instead talk about what this means for property owners in Turkey. 

Basically you can divide them into two categories: Those who live in apartment buildings with generator and those who don't.

The current situation is very extreme and very rare. Last major national power cut in Turkey lies more than 15 years back. 

Compared to Europa power cuts are more frequent in Turkey, but now days the are normally pretty short and rarely last longer than 10-15 minutes with the majority lasting just a minute or two.

So how important and valuable is it to choose a complex with generator and is generator a must-have when purchasing property in Turkey?

Since we believe that everyone can live with short power cuts (it might even be cozy with candles and flashlights) there is one other important thing to consider: The elevator.

Without electricity an elevator will simply stop operating and while it is not dangerous it might not be very pleasant to be stuck in.

So when choosing an apartment in a complex without generator carefully evaluate how much you will use the elevator and how you would react in case you, your friends or family got trapped inside it for a few minutes waiting for the power grid to came back on.

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