Thursday, April 16, 2015

The best time of year

Spring is the best time of year in Alanya. 

Nothing to discuss or argue about here.

In Alanya spring time is perfect and it luckily last for many month.

So what is going on during spring 2015 in Alanya?

Political parties are preparing for the upcoming election

Later this year the local elections are coming up and the political parties have started to promote themselves and their candidates.
In Turkey a political career can be a quick way to fame and easy money so the competition is hard.
This is of course very unfortunate and one could wish that Turkish politics would focus more on doing the right thing for your country or region than personal gains. 

Alanyaspor is hitting it
Last year local football team Alanyaspor surprisingly made it into the 1. division, the second highest division in Turkey.
This year the good performance continues and currently the team are holding on of the play off positions for the Turkish Superleague.
Visit the teams web site where you can also find information on upcoming matches.
Web site:

New concepts are coming to Alanya
Last couple of years a lot of new concepts has come to Alanya. This is great news and there are a lof of new restaurants and shops to try out.
A few examples are...

Big Yellow taxi (eastern beach):

Tavuk Dünyasi ():

Gusto Clothes (Close to Starbucks on Atatürk):

Koton Clothes (Close to Mudo):

Deli Kasap (Opposit of PTT):

Cikcilli gets a mini shopping center
Over the last decade Cikcilli has grown from basically nothing to a lively and sought after place.
Thousands of new residential units together with new shops and infrastructure has completely changed the area.
Now a new mini shopping center with shops, restaurants and a wellness center has opened just opposite of Kipa.
Also in Konakli a shopping center named "Mega Mall" will open this spring.
Happy shopping...

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