Saturday, August 15, 2015

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There can be many different reasons for wanting to sell your holiday home. But one thing that all sellers have in common is, that once the decision to sell the apartment has been taken then seller look forward to the day where they can sign the contract of sale and hand over the property to a new owner.

Before a property can be sold it must first be marketed and presented to interested buyers. Here the absolute best and most valuable tool is our web site. 

We dare to say that on other agent in Alanya can compete with our web site when it comes to property presentations and access to relevant and important information.

On the Internet 2Base Estate Agency has always been two steps ahead of competition and we plan to keep it so also for the future.

For the online presentation each apartment needs to have pictures taken. The quality of these pictures are very important and luckily we have a very skilled photographer working here at our office in Alanya.

Her name is Laura and besides taking photos she also deals with both our inspection service and cleaning services as well as our Lithuanian and Russian clients.

We asked here a few questions about her life as photographer.

- What is the key to successful property pictures?
First of all the apartment must be tidy and clean. Secondly nice interior can make a big difference. Like a few colored pillow or a couple of nice paintings.

- What is the difficult part about this part of the job?
Sometimes clients forget to tidy up their apartment before i arrive so i have to tidy it up. That is not always very pleasant. Also it can be really hot inside of the apartments in the summertime. 

- Are the pictures on the website real or adjusted in photoshop?
We usually do not make any adjustments to the pictures. We add new units to our web site almost on a daily basis, so there is no time to "photoshop" each picture.
For my part i must therefor try to get the light and angles correct on the first shot.

- How much time do you spend per apartment?
It depends, but besides taking the photos it also takes time to resize them, upload them to our web site and adjust the information such as facilities, equipment and sentences. Luckily we have fairly well organised systems, but it can easily be two hours per apartment.

Thank you to Laura for providing us with some interesting information about this part of her job.

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